You want fast food? How about a whole Double Gloucester cheese at 70mph?

At the annual Cheese Rolling event at Cooper’s Hill, in Brockworth on the edge of the Cotswolds, competitors risk sprained ankles (and worse) careering down a vertiginously steep hill chasing after a 9 pound round of cheese. It’s less of a race and more of a tumble as participants try to catch the cheese and be the first across the finish line at the bottom of the hill.


The cheese is housed in a wooden casing decorated with ribbons and has a 1 second head start on the runners. It’s sent rolling down the hill by the Roller, with the release presided over by the Master of Ceremonies. It takes just a few seconds to roll the 100 yards to get to the bottom of the 1 in 3 hill, pursued by the running, falling, somersaulting and sliding racers.

The event is believed to have its origins in a pagan fertility rite or in the need to maintain grazing rights.

Thousands will make their way to the hill to catch a glimpse of the event, which this year takes place on Monday 28th May.