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We asked ‘what’s the most frequently left behind book by guests.’

Updated on 05/04 2019

We know that a lot of people tend to take books away with them on their travels and often they leave them behind for someone to read after. But we wanted to find out what kind of books guests were leaving behind when they stay in UK accommodation.

The most left behind fiction books were: 

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ EL James

‘The Girl on The Train’ Paula Hawkins

‘The Da Vinci Code’ Dan Brown

‘The Stand’ Stephen King

‘Me Before You’ Jo Jo Moyes

These books are so popular that one accommodation owner tried to take left-behind copies of Fifty Shades of Grey and The Da Vinci Code to his local charity shop but they had a “no Shades and no Code” sign in the window.

Left behind autobiographies included: 

Donald Trump

Les Dennis

Wayne Rooney

Nigel Farage

Paul O’Grady

Michael McIntyre

Looks like there were a lot of people getting to know the American president whilst on their travels.

Classic novels are also being left behind with these authors often frequenting B&B bookshelves:

Rudyard Kipling

Jane Austen

Mary Shelley

Agatha Christie

It’s great to see that people are taken the classic tales on their trips too!


Even the kids are leaving their books behind. While J K Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’ books took the lead, there were a few reports of David Walliam’s stories!

And there were also some more rarer books, specialist subjects and manuals that were mentioned including:


‘The Kama Sutra’

‘Zonas Erroneas’

‘Saucy Places in Blackpool’

A maintenance manual for a 1998 Skoda Octavia

A French version of Sleeping Beauty

A folder of back-issues of the TV Times

‘Knitting with Dog Hair’

These more specialist and obscure books were a bit of a suprise, but we do know that hosts and hoteliers want you to feel at home; so maybe for some that is learning a how to knit with your dog’s hair whilst you’re on your break. And one owner even said that she felt that the ‘romantic literature’ left behind was a good thing as they must have been in a great mood during their stay.

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