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Breakfast is surveyed! What results did you eggspect?

Updated on 28/11 2018

The best part of staying at any B&B is often the breakfast; it’s in the name after all! Or at least, that’s what 44% of Brits think, according to our research. From the classic combination of eggs and bacon, to the creative and extraordinary (see ‘sardines and custard’ in the eviivo cookbook), a great breakfast is an essential part of the B&B experience.

To mark the launch of Great British B&B Breakfasts, eviivo conducted some research into Britain’s attitudes to breakfast. eviivo polled 1,000 Brits on their breakfast preferences, and how important a factor breakfast is when booking somewhere to stay. Almost half of 55+ year olds believed that breakfast was one of the most important factors when booking a British staycation, compared to just over a quarter of 18-24-year olds.

When it comes to price, most Brits are cost-conscious, with two-thirds stating they would not pay more than £10 for a breakfast. However, 10% of the nation’s capital were happy to splurge a bit more and pay between £15 to £20. Of course, Londoners were found to have the highest average spend of £9.44!

We also discovered that the traditional full English fry-up is significantly the most popular breakfast choice, especially in East Anglia where 83% of people would choose a fry up above anything else. Interestingly, though, the most drastic variation in opinion was across age ranges, as a quarter of millennials (18-24yr olds) prefer an American style breakfast, compared to only 4% of 45-54yr olds, and as few as 3% of the 55+ age bracket. The increasing popularity of alternative breakfasts among millennials shows the evolution of breakfast has been a recent occurrence over only a generation or two.

Luckily for all Brits, B&Bs are as diverse as the guests that they host and they often cater to a variety of tastes, which is reflected in the diversity of the recipes in Great British B&B Breakfasts. The cookbook features a collection of delicious recipes from past eviivo Tastiest Breakfast Award winners, finalists and eviivo customers from the length and breadth of Britain.

Initially published as an eBook, Great British B&B Breakfasts, has been flying off the virtual shelves!  Due to the demand we’ve seen on Kindle, and to give as much exposure as possible to the industry and our customers, we’re excited to announce that we’ve now launched a print version of the book!

What’s more, eviivo are extremely proud to have worked with the Family Holiday Association to produce this cookbook, and the proceeds from its sales will go directly to them. The Family Holiday Association is dedicated to providing seaside breaks and day trips for families coping with some of the toughest challenges life can bring.

If you’d like to perfect the recipes in Great British B&B Breakfasts and support a worthy cause, purchase a copy now!

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