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Eggs, how do you eat yours?

Updated on 06/12 2018

We’re talking about eggs! We love all eggs, whether they are scrambled, poached or fried. So we’ve put together 10 slightly quirkier things that you can do with the eggy breakfasts you make your guests.

1. How about sweet potato with scrambled egg, avocado and tomato garnish with parsley for something a little different?


See the recipe here  

2. Baked eggs with ham and tomato in a small ramekin is sure to be a hit.


Try this recipe 

3. Impress your guests with this breakfast egg nestled in a puff pastry basket.


Find the recipe here

4. Spice up your mornings with a herb omelette, covered in chives and oregano with a hot sprinkle of chili flakes.


5. How about some fancy mushrooms stuffed with quail eggs? 


Try this recipe

6. Shakshuka is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner, serving up yummy poached eggs in spicy tomato pepper sauce.


This recipe should wow the guests 

7. Fill up on an egg breakfast casserole which is loaded with potatoes, ham, mushrooms and cheese.


Find breakfast casserole recipes here 

8. These baked pesto egg avocados are a treat to the eyes and taste.


Try your own with this recipe

9. The classic eggs and bacon combination gets a fancy makeover with these bacon egg cups.


Try them for yourself 

10. Please your health-conscious guests with this smashed avocado and feta spread on toasted rye bread with a delicious poached egg to top it off.




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