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Guests (sometimes) steal the funniest things! – Part 2!

Updated on 02/06 2021

Last year we asked a selection of independent hosts and hoteliers “beside the complimentary items such as toiletries, what items from the room or your property have guests tried to take home with them? For example has anyone tried to sneak one of your fancy lamps into their case, raided your marmalade cupboard or popped one of your lovely wine glasses into their bag?”

See what they said here.

And we thought we’d treat you to another top 10 strange and bizarre things that guests have tried to take home with them after their stay:

“My husband was a reporter for BBC Scotland, and interviewed Sophia Loren, who gave him an autographed copy of her book. By mistake, I put this on the bookshelf of my accommodation, and never saw it again. Husband not pleased!”

Someone’s in trouble at Garemount Lodge! 

Iron and ironing board

Oh no, somebodies going to have creases at Badgemore Park Golf Club B&B 

Large wine glasses

At least they didn’t take the wine from Bowes Hotel

“We have an in-house water system ‘House-H2O’ rather than using bottled water, so our bottles are re-usable, above everything else this is the one we have taken the most!”

There’s some hydration conscious thieves at Esbek House 

A Nutribullet!

It was a health conscious crime at Select Serviced Accommodation 

“We had some guests who were going camping and they took the bedside fan with them!”

But where will they plug it in? Wheelbrook Mill

An antique ceramic bed warmer 

Someone really didn’t want to go back to their cold bed after staying at Horseshoe Castle

Guinness glasses

We’re seeing a glasses theme here… Dukeries Hotel

Towels and pillowcases!

Maybe they were so warm that they just HAD to take them, The Keepers Arms?

Biscuits from store cupboard

I’m sure if they guest asked, Wadham Guesthouse would have shared!

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