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Guests (sometimes) steal the funniest things!

Updated on 05/04 2019

We recently asked a selection of independent hosts and hoteliers “beside the complimentary items such as toiletries, what items from the room or your property have guests tried to take home with them? For example has anyone tried to sneak one of your fancy lamps into their case, raided your marmalade cupboard or popped one of your lovely wine glasses into their bag?”

Here are the top 10 strange and bizarre things that guests have tried to take home with them after their stay:

1. A guest took the whole cereal tray, helping themselves to over 50 boxes of Special k and Cornflakes etc.

There’s a cereal thief on the loose at Harbourlight

2. They took the cushions and runners from three beds in our family room along with a picture from the wall!

There’s taking inspiration from places you stay and then there’s this! Rockcliffe Hotel

3. A dangling heart ornament with the words’ Bless this Hut with Love & Laughter’

Maybe they had a hut at home that needed sprucing up, Two Hoots Campsite?

4. My single malt whiskey bottle

 Looks like this guest was on the rocks at Carlton twelve

5 Our big pine cone

Bit of an odd thing to steal from Basecamp Tenerife

6. We had a bottle of champagne someone bought us for our wedding, heard a pop and two guests were hanging around it sheepishly and denied touching it – caught with half filled glasses though!

Caught red handed at York House

7. They took a tub Chair and two matching flower pots 

Terracotta Still Life

I guess they were looking to redecorate their garden exactly like yours, The Granary Hotel and Wedding Venue

8. All of the light bulbs

We would have blown a fuse if we were Anchor inn Hartland

9 Hospitality tray (not the things on it just the tray)

We dont quite understand the logic behind this steal at The Oak -doree

10 Our dog and cat! 

No stay away from all beloved fluffies at Carbery Cottage Guest Lodge

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