17 July 2020

Communicating Your Commitment to Safety and Hygiene

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There’s no such thing as over-communicating when it comes to cleanliness

COVID-19 has made us all question the safety of indoor spaces– and with good reason. So once you have a superb cleaning routine in place, it’s time to spread the word to your guests. Reassure your guests by letting them know that you take safety measures seriously, and you’re ready for their next stay.

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Revamp your emails

Let guests know you’re open and now is the perfect time to visit. A great way to do this is to inform them of all the measures you are taking to reopen your accommodation safely. 

In addition to a dedicated email on your new enhanced safety measures, you should also reiterate them in your confirmation and pre-arrival emails to reassure your guests that they’re putting their trust in the right hands. 

eviivo is dedicated to helping the hospitality industry. We are equipping hoteliers and property managers with reopening marketing materials that can help them to best capture the spike in traveler demand in our Reopening Hub. There you can find easy-to-use marketing resources such as downloadable email templates for guest communications that range from COVID-19-specific communications that cover updated safety measures and promoting local travel with staycations. Download the guest email templates here. Or if you are an eviivo customer, access the relevant article from eviivo university here.

eviivo customers can quickly utilize these templates with Guest Manager’s drag-and-drop editor. Once you’ve created or updated an email, Guest Manager makes it easy to send to guests with just one-click straight from your diary.

Spice up your social media presence

We highly recommend spicing up your social media presence with beautiful pictures and relevant hashtags  – a potential customer will often check out your socials to get a better feel of the atmosphere in your accommodation! 

If you have new photos of updated rooms, make sure you’ve posted them and that your photo descriptions reflect the changes you’ve implemented to keep your guests safe.

Make an excellent first impression

When it comes to showcasing your property through pictures, you want to make sure they’re high-quality and truly capture the unique beauty of your accommodation. In the new travel climate, guests will be much more sensitive when it comes to the overall hygiene of their living space. So take new pictures of your squeaky-clean bathrooms and updated bedrooms to let them know they’ll never have to worry about cleanliness as long as they’re staying with you!

As for tips on taking high-quality photos:

  • If you are an eviivo customer, you have full access to dedicated Masterclasses on the topic via eviivo university. You can access them here.

Ensure your website is clean, easy to navigate and optimised to drive direct bookings.

Communicating enhanced safety measures

Be sure to detail all the updates you’ve made to your property. If you create a new page that lists your new safety measures and precautions, be sure to add a banner to your homepage to alert guests. 

You can also add a widget or badge on your website to quickly alert guests. We’ve created badges letting your guests know you’re following government guidelines. Download widgets and badges for your website here

Drive direct bookings

Direct bookings are a goldmine for your business. On top of being commission-free, they are your way of making a lasting impression on your guests and encouraging repeat business.

First things first, it is important to offer the best deals on your website. This encourages guests to book directly, which in turn enables you to build a relationship with them. Many travelers are deal-savvy and are aware that booking directly on a property’s website comes with extra perks, such as add-ons or discounts. Even if they’ve discovered you through an OTA, many people will check out your website in hopes of scoring a better deal! Check out the next section to learn more about promotions. 

If you are an eviivo customer, make sure to take advantage of our own booking engine, toprooms.com, where you can freely advertise your property and take bookings at 0% commission. Need to check if that’s staying this way!

For more tips on driving direct bookings, make sure to check out our other blog posts on the topic:

Promotions are easy and compelling with Promo Manager. You can create a wide range of enticing offers that your guests won’t be able to resist, even if they tried! Generate as many promos as you like and apply them across all your channels with just one click. 

We’ve developed a range of sample promotions to help inspire your next offer. Download the promotions package here.

With all of the changes to adapt and secure against COVID-19, it is important to make sure all your information is up-to-date across all channels. eviivo’s robust API connection makes this easy, as you get to update not only rates and availability but also content like your new photos, descriptions and safety measures from eviivo suite. You’ll never have to worry about managing multiple listings again – just make your changes in eviivo suite and watch them instantly refresh on all your channels!

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