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Looks like British seaside locations are due to cash in this year!

20 May, 2016

It seems that more and more Brits are planning to have their summer holidays and mini breaks in the UK! According to 3,000 people surveyed by Travelodge 58% of them said that they would be spending their holiday on the UK coast this year. This is great news for our coastal eviivo customers, as they look set for their busiest year yet.

So where is everyone going?

Cornwall, Devon, Blackpool and Scarborough topped the coastal getaway list. But it’s not all bad for the city destinations as London, Edinburgh, Manchester, York and Liverpool all faired highly on the list. And 38% of those surveyed said they preferred to explore the countryside, with The Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales, Scottish highlands, the Yorkshire Broads and the Cotswolds all doing well in the rural locations list.

And will they be staying longer?

Yes! Not only did the study show that the average Brit family are planning a one week holiday supported by four short breaks,  they are also planning on spending more! With an average of £729.80 per person, that figure has risen by 46% from last year.

So what should an independent property like you do about this?

With so many people not only opting to stay in the UK this year but also looking to stay longer and spend more money; you need to make sure that you’re taking advantage of the higher demand by managing your rates appropriately. Of course, how much you charge will depend on your demand, location and competition. And when demand is lower, make sure your rate is competitive enough to attract potential guests. Here are some best practices for making the most of your rates:

  • Split your rates into seasons: work out your high and low seasons and adjust your rates accordingly.
  • Take advantage of your weekend spikes: if you’re in high demand Friday and Saturday but struggling on a Sunday, your rates should reflect this, maybe try offering a promotional rate on Sundays.
  • See what’s happening near your property: In the summer months there tends to be a lot of events, so it’s worth seeing if there is anything going on near your property and increasing your rate during that time.

What we can take away from this survey is that independent properties like yours can not only take advantage of the higher demand this summer, but also be proud that so many people would rather have a UK holiday this year. The increase in people opting for a UK coastal break rather than going abroad shows something of a seaside holiday revival, which is very exciting for the industry. And this is where quirky and unique properties like you can really stand out against the faceless hotel chains.

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