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Myth Busting June: Are the over 50’s being overlooked in favour of millennials?

10 June, 2016

When it comes to digital marketing effort and spend, it would seem that the hospitality industry believe that the main focus should be to attract younger guests. When actually it’s not.  

According to mobile company QuickServe, the over 50’s are often neglected when new guest-facing technologies are implemented despite the fact that the over 65’s spend more on hotels than any other age group!

A report recently released by Barclays Corporate Banking revealed that despite the older generation spending £37bn on hospitality last year, 76% of businesses have no plans to introduce products or services targeting them.

So from these figures we can see that more can be done to accommodate and invest in the older generation.

So how can you cater to the older generation?

  • Pictures: Expedia said that as guests get older they look for pictures that show comfort, this can range from fluffy pillow, warm fireplaces and cosy beds. Click here to see more about how important photos are to your business.
  • Extras: The older generation are spending more money on their getaways than any other generation, so do you have extra’s that accommodate them and boost your profits.

Also it turns out that the over 50’s are very tech savy!

QuickServe also found that at least 76% of over 50’s own a mobile phone and from our own research we know that 65% of people over 55 make most or all bookings online, so it’s not just the younger generation that want their bookings at a click of a button.  

So with so many more people of all ages wanting to book their accommodation online you have to have a website that takes bookings and payment instantly. In fact 47% of the over 55’s are actually put off booking with you if they have to call or email.

silver surfer graph

And not only does your website have to be able to take bookings instantly, it has to be good! With a massive 64% of people over 55 are put off by a poor website. 

With eviivo suite can create a quality website for you that is equipped to take secure bookings straight away. You can select from a range of templates, formats and colours to make your site unique and show off its true potential. Get in touch to find out how we can help you start taking bookings online!

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