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Pack your suitcase – we’re all going on a ‘sortumn’ holiday!

Updated on 28/11 2018

This month we’ve been busy preparing our 2nd Quarterly B&B report. We analysed booking data from a large number of our 6,600+ customers for this report looking at both performance this summer and forward trends for the autumn.

We were excited to find that it looks like we have an emerging ‘fifth season.’ The new season seems to be making an appearance between summer and autumn – causing an impressive surge in late bookings for B&B’s guest houses and small hotels across the UK between September 1st and 30th November. So what do we call this season? Well, we’ve gone for  ‘sortumn!’

The booking forecast is looking good!

We are seeing forward bookings for the period from September 1st to November 30th on the rise. Especially at our South Coastal destinations, with Penzance up 32%, Torquay up 29% and Bournemouth up 23%. Nationwide, seaside forward booking are up 7.50% for the ‘sortumn’ season.

We can see that the nationwide average shows that booking are up for this period by 18%.


Family-friendly properties are leading the ‘sortumn’ holiday trend!

We can see that accommodation that is listed as family-friendly is up by an incredible 61% year on year for this new season. Regionally we can see that Northern Ireland and Scotland scooping up the majority of the forward-bookings. But as you can see from the table below – all  regions are seeing a year-on-year growth. Which is definitely something to celebrate.


So why are more and more people looking for a ‘sortumn’ break between September and November? 

The weather! With it staying a relatively warm climate in late September and early October – more and more people are attracted to booking a B&B stay. And with the sea temperatures tending to remain above average until the end of October (some locations even report their highest- or near highest temperatures in September! In fact according to Met Office Data 2005, 2006, 2011 and 2016 saw September and October with temperatures that were more like a continuation of summer.

And it’s not just the temperatures luring guests to booking their breaks this time of year – it’s the peace and quiet! With the majority of families booking their breaks in the summer holidays – a ‘sortumn’ season gives people a chance to take advantage of a quieter break.

With this fundamental shift in holiday patterns, it looks like the British ‘sortumn’ family holiday is here to stay and is vastly becoming an established UK family event!

And there’s more… Winter isn’t coming’: Game of Thrones settings performing well

The impact of blockbuster TV programmes is also clear, with Northern Ireland B&Bs (location for Game of Thrones) up 40% YoY and Penzance (location for Poldark) up 32%.

Now click here to read about how Brexit has caused a surge in UK holiday breaks. Or, if you’re bookings need a boost this Sortumn then schedule a demo with one of our team and get your first 30 days FREE.



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