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Quirkiest Place to Stay Award

Updated on 06/12 2018

Celebrating the unique and individual character of our owners, their properties, and the experiences available at them. This award is all about a truly quirky experience for guests staying at their property. Think castles, shepherd huts, winery tours, feeding the farm animals etc..

This years award was presented by the editor of Travel GBI magazine, George Clode.

The winner:


Snooze In Brighton, East Sussex.

Tony and Paul of Snooze said: “We have a wide ranging appeal to all age groups, with the older generation liking us for the nostalgia and the younger people looking for something cool & quirky. If Quirky is to be unusual in an attractive or interesting way, then Snooze epitomises this definition completely. Snooze is packed with Funky & Quirky features, from top to bottom and wall to wall. This starts with all of our 8 rooms, all individual, all uniquely styled with well thought out design, definitely no themes!  Bold and brave design is how we operate, but with a considered selection of authentic, original era pieces. Using quirky items for different uses to furnish the rooms, like a vintage snare drum for a side table or an old Optometrists light box as a bed side lamp. Our breakfast /reception room sums up what the snooze style and attitude is all about. Incredible Graffiti art on our breakfast tables and overhead, our Hip Hop take on the sistine chapel ceiling centre piece! Old shop front lettering, vintage signs, retro pop posters, ‘80s advertising milk bottles & random boot fair crockery – its cool not to match! On our top floor we have 2 super cool 1970’s authentically designed suites complete with swirling hand painted wall art, laid back vintage leather loungers, wicked lamps, sunken beds and shag pile carpet.

You can also see Tony and Paul talk about their unique take on the Brighton B&B in this short video: 

The Shortlist: 

Congratulations to all the quirky, interesting and exciting properties who made the shortlist:

  1. Bayards Cove Inn in Devon 
  2. Snooze in East Sussex
  3. Craster Town Penthouse Apartment in Northumbria
  4. Castle at Edgehill in Oxfordshire
  5. Jabajak Vineyard in Camarthshire
  6. The Stables Deer Park Farm in the West Midlands
  7. The Mercury Hotel Blackpool in Lancashire
  8. Poshhuts in Northumbria
  9. Highland Bear Lodge in the Highlands, Scotland
  10. LIBRARY Members Club, Hotel and Restaurant in London

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