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Have your say! Getting ready for summer!

Updated on 15/08 2019

As your rooms start to get a little more booked up and the sun is starting (and often failing) to make an appearance, we thought we’d talk to some of our properties to get some advice about standing out this summer, as well as learning their stories.

This month is actually National Pet Month, so firstly we speak to Julie from the Chesterfield Pet-Friendly Hotel in Blackpool, who has won multiple pet-friendly awards. Julie tells us the story about how she and her brother took a summer job in Blackpool 27 years ago and never looked back, uprooting their whole family from Yorkshire to the sunny seaside.

We then get back to nature with Andrea from Kids Love Yurts, who have only been in the business for 3 months, who wanted to turn their working farm into a back-to-basics glamping experience – with kids at the heart of it. She tells us all about how families can re-connect without any electronic devices in the way.

Finally, we speak to David Weston, the CEO of The B&B Association who tells us some good news about the rising figures in the UK tourism industry and offers some advice on how to make sure you enjoy a busy summer season.

To listen to this month’s podcast click below:

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