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Should Britain remain in the European Union?

30 March, 2016

What we did:

In March 2016 we surveyed over 1,000 of our 12,000 customers for their thoughts on a possible Brexit.

An analysis of their answers shows that while there is still a great deal of confusion about the referendum and what it will mean for the UK the small hotel and independent accommodation sector has made up its mind:

Do you think Britain should remain in the EU?

Just under half (49.9%) of the 1,050 owners who took part in our study said they were strongly in favour of the UK leaving the EU, 37% said we should absolutely stay, 12% were undecided and 1% do not care either way.

When we exclude those property owners who were undecided or didn’t care either way we have a clear 56% majority in favour of leaving the EU!

                                       Full results                             Just those who have made up their minds

alldecided only


Where you live makes a difference

Owners of properties in seaside locations were the most likely to want to leave the EU (58% in favour of Brexit) while properties in the countryside were most in favour of remaining part of the EU (42% for remain).

However, regardless of where properties are located (town, country or seaside) the majority was pro-Brexit in each location.

             Seaside Properties                        Countryside Properties                   Town and City Properties



Why Stay? Why Leave?

Economic arguments dominate both sides with the number one reason to leave (economic strength) the same as the number one reason to stay, highlighting the high level of confusion around the economic arguments of Brexit!

Beyond the economy, red tape and immigration dominate the leave campaign’s reasoning, while a desire to reform the EU from within and the negative business impact of uncertainty around a leave vote both rank high on the list for stay voters.

                           Reasons to Stay                                                                   Reasons to Leave

reasons to stayreasons to leave


Regional rivalries

War of the Roses!

In Lancashire 64% of property owners are in favour of staying in the EU, however, Yorkshire is the reverse with 60% wanting to leave!


A South Western Rivalry

63% of Devonians want out of Europe while the Cornish are 58% in favour of staying. This might have something to do with Cream Tea!



Who should lead the UK and EU afterwards?

Boris Johnson seems to be the overwhelming favorite here with 42% of property owners suggesting he should manage the transition if we choose to leave, beating George Osborne (a paltry 6%) by a huge margin. If we choose to stay in the EU 30% of you believe Boris would make an effective EU President beating David Cameron and Angela Merkel (22% each).

Clear cynicism with Brussels beauracracy is apparent in the results with 6% of you suggesting Donald Trump as EU President and 3% suggesting disgraced former FIFA President Sepp Blatter!

If the UK stays in the EU who would make a good EU president?


If we choose to leave, who would best manage the transition?

UK leader


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