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The Adventures of Wooly: Night Clubbing and Beach Chilling

19 July, 2021

After many, many months and a few false starts, 19th July sees the lifting of the remaining coronavirus restrictions in England, and a relaxations of many rules in Scotland. For the final stages of the lifting of lockdown, Wooly has some inspiration for where you can gather your flock of friends at long last, responsibly of course.

As now nightclubs are open again, is it time to hit the dancefloor? When night falls, head for London’s Fabric for the best in modern dance music mixed by the world’s finest DJs (Wooly is a big Calvin Harris-Tweed fan). Just remember, if you do venture on to a hot, packed dancefloor in the heat of summer, just make sure your dancing trousers are as super cool as your moves.

Staying in London, 26th September sees the welcome return on London’s Sheep Drive. In medieval times, Freemen of the City of London had the right to drive their sheep across London Bridge without paying the toll that other users had to pay. Having ceased in the early 20th century, the tradition of driving sheep across the bridge was revived in 2013 and has become hugely popular. We got in on the action in 2016 and had a wonderful time, so don’t miss this year’s event, which will take place on Southwark Bridge.

If summer in the city gets too hot, head out of town to chill. It’s still safer to meet up with family and friends outside, so why not (sheep) dip your toes in the sea. The beautiful award-winning beach at Woolacombe, Devon provides plenty of space for a gathering and although even on the quietest of days you’ll find more than 30 people, the beach is plenty big enough to host a long overdue get together.

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