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Top 10 Strangest Breakfast Requests!

Updated on 05/04 2019

So, we know that British B&B’s are known for their incredible traditional Full English breakfasts which usually offers the classic combinations of sausages, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, black pudding, baked beans and fried bread. 

But we recently asked our customers, if guests had requested anything slightly more unique at the breakfast table, and the results didn’t disappoint with a range of odd and bizzare answers. We’ve put together a list of our top 10 favourites:

 King prawn vindaloo and a boiled egg

Just adding a boiled egg to their leftover takeaway seems to have done the trick at The Mercury

A plate of fried onions

 I bet it wasn’t just the onions making you cry at this request, Wheelbrook Mill 

Five rashers of bacon in porridge

It’s either awful or genius, what do you think Clennell Hall Country House?

Corn Flakes in Carling Lager

When the party carries on until the early hours, but you still need your breakfast at The Derby 

Weetabix spread with Marmite

Officially the worst breakfast we can think of at York House 

Muesli with no milk

A rather dry start to the day at The Oak South 

Yoghurt with pepper

 We can’t agree with this strange seasoning at Base Camp Tenerife

A bag of uncooked pasta and a jar of Lloyd Grossman tomato and garlic sauce (which the guest then cooked inside the kettle in his room)

 We can’t understand their thought process here, Wadham Guesthouse

Miso soup

  Do you think they’ll notice if you just ran to the shops and grabbed a packet of instant, Carlton Twelve?

Scrambled egg on toast ‘with no egg’

Eggs in paper basket on wooden table

Apparently you can make it with tofu, but maybe it should be called scrambled tofu instead, Amaryllis Guesthouse?

Honourable mentions include: Ribeye steak and chips, steak and spaghetti,  a curry omlette, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs for the dog, chicken salad with vegetables, and dry wheetabix!

One of things we love about independent accommodation is that people feel like they can ask their host for the out of the ordinary, because they feel so at home there. And I’m sure many B&B and hotel owners go out of their way to try and cater to these peculiar culinary requests.

Although luckily tradition isn’t going anywhere with the majority of people we asked reported that 63% of guests prefer the traditional full English breakfast, and only 17%  said that guests prefer the continental with muesli being the most sought after cereal. 

Pssst…  don’t ask us how we know, but Wheetabix and marmite, does NOT taste good.  





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