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Top 15 strangest guest requests – Part One

Updated on 04/02 2019

As an accommodation provider, you’re probably no stranger to a peculiar guest request now and again. So, we asked you, what stands out as the oddest thing you’ve ever been asked for. The responses came in their masses and range from the slightly odd to the down right bizarre.

Here are the first top 15:

To bring their pet hamster with them


We guess that’s fine unless you have cats at The Knoll Guest House?

All sausage breakfast

When you serve up delicious Yorkshire sausages at The Manse B&B, what else do you really need?

A guest requesting spaghetti bolognese for breakfast


Think we are hitting slighter odder breakfast territory now at The Sportmans Lodge

To bring their own mattress!


How they would get it there, it’s not exactly suitcase-friendly? Grosvenor View

A haunted room


You could have just picked any room and spent the evening making ghostly wooo sounds and rapping on their windows at 4am to satisfy this request Pannett House 

If their two huge hawks would be welcome


It turns out that they were welcome! Where did they sleep Thornley House, or did they just swoop about the room all night?

For the receptionist to arrange rose petals in a crude shape on the bed while they were at dinner


Time to get creative at The Bathurst Arms!!

A clairvoyant


When the service is as good as Langdon Villa Guest House, even the dead need to know about it



You have to admire a guest who know what they want and isn’t afraid to ask for it Collins Arms

Gaffer tape


Let’s hope that it was a guest simply fixing a broken suitcase and not the same guest from Collins Arms, taking a visit to Breakers Lodge

A wig


Well, in a town where nobody knows you, you can be anybody, isn’t that right Rylstone Manor Hotel?

Tweezers to take the hair out of his nose 


Sure, you can borrow these as long as sterilise them after… and throw them in the bin…  Sarnia Guest House

A fridge in his room to keep his butter in


Of course, The Beach Hose will just simply heave the kitchen fridge up to your room, for your pack of butter

I was once asked if was possible to fry eggs into a penis shape


Don’t worry City Park Guest House, we looked into this for you and it turns out… you can!

Would I scatter their parents ashes for them… I did! 


As long as they kept the urn away from the sugar bowls, could have been a terrible mix-up at Stonecroft Country Guesthouse

We believe that it is these funny stories that add to the uniqueness and personality of independent accommodation, so if you’d like to read more eviivo’s stories click here.



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