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Top 10 strangest things guests have left behind in their rooms

10 August, 2015

We asked our customers what the strangest thing that had been left behind in a guest room was. Asides from the staggering number of forgotten ‘toys’, fifteen family members or partners, lost socks and lone shoes, we have narrowed it down to ten of the most bizarre things guests have left behind.

  1. Fingerprints



That led the police to solving a murder investigation!!!

2. £500 under the mattress

money matress

It could always be a really, really generous tip, right?

3. Frank Sinatra’s autograph


I never go on holiday without my signed memorabilia.

4. A bag of ‘toys’ and a letter of consent


We can only imagine what kind of 50 shades shenanigans happened here.

5. Five thousand US dollars and two passports hidden in a drawer


It’s probably totally legit?

6. A turtle


Maybe, they couldn’t find a turtle babysitter?

7. Tongue scraper

tounge scapper

Well, that’s not pleasant.

8. A Dalek


It hasn’t exterminated anyone, yet!

9. A false leg in the swimming pool

swimming pool

Didn’t they need that?

10. A human stool in a packed lunch box!!!

packed lunch box

It was for medical science… apparently.

Have you found anything in your B&B that beats our top 10?

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