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Our top five haunted properties

31 October, 2016

We work with so many unique and Interesting properties, so it makes sense that we have quite a few older buildings. And that means that they are absolutely steeped in history and have so many stories they can tell. So, in honour of Halloween, we thought we’d tell you our top 5 spooky stories about some of our haunted properties! 


The Manor House Hotel, Durham

The Manor is a 16th century listed building, with bundles of character and was featured on the television programme Britain’s Most Haunted, and guests return again and again to room 8 supposedly the most haunted room in the building! Watch the video here, if you’re brave enough. 

The Brocket Arms, Hertfordshire

The Brocket Arms was originally the monastic quarters for the Norman church until the Reformation. And legend has it that a priest was tried and hanged in the building and that it has been haunted by the affable character ever since. 



The Shoe Inn, Hampshire

The Shoe Inn has been a resting place for travelers for hundreds of years, the original thatched Inn is believed to date from 1420 and was extended around 1640 to become a posting station for the mail coaches. A tollgate was constructed across the road and the landlord was responsible for collecting the King’s tolls on the border between Hampshire and Wiltshire. The last New Forest highwayman was caught drinking in the Inn one night and publicly hanged in the morning. It is said that his ghost remains in the old thatch building, but do not worry if you are staying with them, as that’s in the owners accommodation and the owners assure you that there are plenty of spirits to be seen in the bar anyway!

Dobbins Inn Hotel 

Dobbins is said to be home to the ghost of Elizabeth Dobyn, who is now known as “Maud”. She wanders the hotel in search of her fallen lover. The owners can tell you many a tale about her spooking guests in the hotel.


Binniemyre Guest House in Galashiels

Binniemyre was built in 1862 for a local mill owner and was originally called Eildon View, as at that time no other houses had been built in the area and the house had uninterrupted views to the magnificent Eildon Hills. The house was built for The Morrison family, who were one of many wealthy mill owners in the area. They had a large family but were tinged with sadness. History states that one daughter, Lucy, jilted before her forthcoming marriage, was so distraught she took her own life in the house’s private chapel room. As this act was considered a crime in that era, Lucy was not allowed to be buried in the town, but her name can be seen on the family gravestone in Eastlands Cemetery in Galashiels. Lucy’s ghost is still rumoured to visit Binniemyre. Both Carol (the owner), her mother-in-law and other guests have mentioned seeing a woman in a white dress walking around the house. One guest even mentioned that she sat next to him on the couch in his room.

So, do you think you could stay at one of these haunted properties? Or have you had your own ghostly sighting at your property? Let us know in the comments. 

Happy Halloween! 

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