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What kind of events could you organise at your property!

29 April, 2016

A wonderful way of making your property stand out is by organising an event, this could be something held inside your property or perhaps within your grounds or even a tour of the local area. Obviously, the events that you can put on, depend entirely on what type of property you have and what’s available to do in your local area, but we’ve put together a list of ideas to inspire you: 


Murder mystery evening 


Everyone’s a suspect, when an evening of fine dining turns into guests playing detective and searching for clues to track down the murderer before it’s too late. 


Wine tasting 


Gather local wine aficionados, to learn, taste and get merry.  


Tea tasting 


For people who like to experience their brew with a little more than just a splash of milk and and dash of sugar. 


Live music 


Why not help local musicians, singers and bands showcase their talent at your property? 


Host a comedy night 


Make em’ laugh with an evening of entertainment.


Host a treasure hunt


A scavenger hunt could be a great way for your guests to explore and get to know the local area!


Easter egg hunt


Get the kids hopping mad on chocolate before sending them home. 


Get a Geocaching group together  


Make sure you stock up on little treats to leave the next explorers. Find out more here.  


Ghost hunting 


Do you have spooky going on’s in your property? Why not whip out the ouji boards and scare your guests?


Do some dancing 

If you’re not a a natural groover, you could hire a local professional to come and teach your guests to rumba, waltz or jive?


Teach a course

Are you a dab hand with a sewing machine? Can you make clay pottery? Whatever your talent, why not teach it to your guests? Or hire a professional to offer a course at your property.


Host a BBQ


Get those sausages sizzling on a hot day to pull in the guests. 


Hold a quiz night 


Get groups together to show off their general knowledge with a quiz night.


Guided walks 


Show off your expert knowledge about your local area by offering a guided tour of the nearby attractions, you could even make packed lunches for the day too!


Start a metal detector club


Get your guests searching for old coins and relics.


Fossil hunting 


If you live in a fossil hunting hotspot, teach your guests how to find their own ammonite or dino tooth to take home with them. 


Speed dating 

 Why not help your locals and guests find love with a speed dating evening!


Click here to find out more about what you need to do put on an event.

 Do you hold events at your property? Let us know what we can find at your property in the comments!

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