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What would help you most to run your B&B?

28 September, 2015

We wanted to find out what some of our 5000+ customers felt they needed in order to make their jobs a lot easier. And while we’re sure we could help with some of their requests, we’re not sure what we can do about these ten:


  1. A way of abolishing dust 


That would certainly make cleaning easier at Rob Roy Guest House.


2. A fairy god mother!


She could bibbity bobbity boo the rooms into order at Mansefield Guest House.


3. A bed making and bathroom cleaning robot


A one-off payment on a robot is sure to be cheaper than getting a cleaner at Homelands Bed & Breakfast.


4. A husband that doesn’t need a rest every 5 mins


They love cat naps at The Hinton Guest House.


5. Our cat being more friendly to guests


Fluffy could benefit from attending some customer service training at Kester House.


6. The weather, less rain more sun!


The sun can make even the most grumpy people smile at The Trafalgar.


7. Two of me!


 We better get started on the cloning process for Gosforth Hall Inn.


8. A large windfall of money


A money tree would go down well at Carlton Seamill B&B.

9. Every day a Saturday



We also wish every day was a caturday at Rockwood House.


10. A few robot clones to do the cleaning and gardening!


Plenty of robo-helpers would make life much easier at FoxGhyll Country House B&B.

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