DevOps Engineer

Remote from UK

In recent times, companies such as Uber, Airbnb, Zoopla, and Just Eat have disrupted the lifestyle industry to become multi $billion businesses. eviivo is on a mission to shake up the independent accommodation sector by offering a cloud-based platform to “anyone with rooms to sell, and a story to tell”.

Its flagship product, eviivo suite, aims to provide hoteliers and hosts with a convenient all-in-one solution that makes it really easy for them to manage online bookings, guests and travel agencies. Today, eviivo’s customer base consists of 20,000 small independent B&Bs, Guesthouses, Vacation Rental Owners and Hotels using eviivo suite day-in day-out to run their business.

Born out of a joint project with the UK Government over ten years ago, where eviivo ran the UK’s National Tourism Database, the company has reinvented itself since its acquisition by Private Equity Group Investcorp, mid 2011. Having radically changed its business model, eviivo is now a vibrant young company, with offices in the UK, France, Germany, Austin TX and more recently in Malaga, Spain.

The company has regularly made the Times top 100 Tech Track index and its flagship product eviivo suite has won many prestigious awards since 2016, including the sought after Travolution award for best technology and Expedia’s global innovation award. It is also enjoys strategic preferred partnerships with the Airbnb, and Expedia groups.


At eviivo, our Ops Team look after our core SaaS application and all the underlying infrastructure on which the platform runs. It is critical for our customers that the app remains online 24/7 to manage their bookings, so we are looking for a Systems Adminsitrator to help us ensure the system remains ‘highly-available’ and to provide local IT support for the Austin office.

This role reports directly into our ‘Head of Platform’, who still performs a hands-on role encompassing infrastructure/DevOps architecture, documentation, compliance and strategy.

Initially, you will handle setting up the Austin office (network, local servers, VPN, phone lines, etc.). In production you will also handle monitoring, patching and support of our web applications running on IIS, ensuring they remain online and troubleshooting/solving issues around availability when they do arise. Our stack is complex in the way the pieces fit together but simplistic in its design. Over time you will learn the system and all its connected parts whilst handling the BAU elements of the role. For example, if one server in our Rabbit MQ cluster becomes unavailable, we’ll expect you to troubleshoot the issue and then try to solve it.  For monitoring we rely on Pingdom, Grafana and Greylog.

As you become more comfortable with the platform we’ll want you to suggest improvements including researching, evaluating and implementing new technology alongside the development team. There are also big wins we are targeting in our push towards CD, including improving the speed at which our pipelines run and removing the final manual step we have in our release process to make changes to production databases.

Finally, as part of this role you’ll be on call 1 week out of every 8 and will have a duty phone which receives alerts from our third-party hosting provider regarding any issues. Whilst usually minimal, the number of out of hours issues vary and you’ll be expected to report back any issues in our Monday handover meeting.


About you

First and foremost, we are looking for an experienced Windows support or infrastructure professional with exposure to PowerShell, IIS, networking and Microsoft SQL Server.

You’ll be a technologist at heart, someone who enjoys learning and is involved in activities outside of work that show your passion for tech, maybe you have your own lab, you attend meetups, or you blog.

To perform in the role, you will be the sort of person who naturally wants to remove repetitive tasks. Whilst we don’t expect you to have been exposed to the kind of automation you’ll be doing with us, we would like to hear about an example from your career where you’ve automated a simple technical task.

You need to have worked with IIS at a professional level and be able to explain this understanding and experience to us. For example, if you’ve set-up or supported an intranet site running on IIS or understand how this works with an Exchange server that’s fine as we’re confident it can be learnt.

We have a similar expectation with regards to SQL server. It is something that will be important in the role, so we’ll want to know you have a good understanding of basic SQL server administrative tasks, for example restoring a database.

Given the nature of our Ops Team you will interact with various stakeholders so it’s essential you’re comfortable doing this and can talk to us about times you’ve had to approach others to solve problems in the past.

Lastly, whilst we don’t expect you to have detailed knowledge of Linux, you need to be happy working with it and learning more about it. It won’t be a huge part of your role but some of key systems you will have to support are Linux..

The Company Offers
  • Permanent and full-time contract
  • Private health, pension, 25 days holiday
  • Remote working
  • Combine success and fun within a great diverse company culture together with smart, driven people
  • eviivo prides itself in an open highly diverse culture, where what matters is not who you are, but what you can do or learn, to help the company move forward!

This is a fantastic chance to learn what it takes to support a highly-available, business-critical and customer facing SaaS application. Unlike a lot of typical systems, this cannot afford any downtime which presents many interesting challenges to a technically minded Systems Engineer.

Working in the Ops Team at eviivo you’ll learn a suite of the latest tools and approaches around systems administration and DevOps Engineering, and you can be confident both will continue to improve around you. Technology you’ll interact with includes VMware, Grafana, Greylog, TeamCity, Automic, PowerShell, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, Redis, and Docker.

We’re really proud of where we have got the platform to already and are now excited to take it all to the next level.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn a lot about Linux as well. Many of our important systems run on the operating system and they are all supported by the Ops Team so at times you will need to perform monitoring, patching and upgrades to ensure they remain highly-available.

This role is dynamic and varied, touching a lot of different areas of the business and people within the technology team. We are confident that, for the right person, this will offer a rewarding challenge and you will be able to contribute not just to doing things but to how we do those things and what things we actually do.


To apply for this position please email our HR team with a copy of your CV and put the job title in the subject line.


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