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How Hotel Tweed gained 25% commission-free direct bookings in their first year

The boutique Hotel Tweed in St. Peter-Ording combines the North German and Irish cultures. Each of the eight rooms promises a cozy atmosphere with an individual design, based on the English-Irish rural idyll. One of the highlights is the breakfast. Mrs. Münster takes all the guests’ needs into consideration and even serves the breakfast for guests in their rooms.

tweed hotel eviivo suite
Exterior of the property

The Problem

Mr and Mrs Münster fulfilled a long-awaited dream when they opened the Hotel Tweed in 2018. The former villa offers eight suites in total, inspired by an English-Irish countryside rustic style. Even before starting their own business, the couple was aware that managing a hotel involves a wide variety of tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, marketing and financial planning – on top of which, you still need to get enough guests to stay at the property.

Therefore, they were looking for online booking diary software designed for independent properties, to minimise the administrative work without exceeding their budget – “an old-fashioned physical diary wasn’t good enough”. They needed reliable easy-to-use hotel booking software, which displays all bookings and enables online booking too – both via OTAs and their own website in order to save on commission.

Our Solution

After intensive research, they decided on eviivo suite. In addition to a cloud based booking calendar, receiving all bookings centrally and in real time, an integrated OTA channel manager connects Hotel Tweed to all major travel portals. On top of that, a booking button was added to the B&B website, enabling the Münsters to receive bookings totally commission-free! Thus, the majority of bookings are now effortless thanks to eviivo suite. Together with eviivo’s activation team, all booking data is fed into the system within a period of 14 days; rooms, prices, season times, occupancy, minimum stays, deposit and cancellation fees, etc.

The Results

Already in its first year, the hotel accepts 25% of all bookings through its own website. The booking button is integrated on the hotel website and forwards guests to the booking page to book and pay securely online. Every 4th booking the Münsters receive is via their own website – completely free of commission! The money saved on commission alone has paid for the hotel booking system multiple times over. The availability of the rooms is updated in real time on all portals, preventing double bookings and minimizing manual admin. The time they save can now be used for more important tasks – like looking after their guests!

“… an old fashioned physical diary wasn’t good enough.”

– Annette Münster
annette hotel tweed
Property owner Annette Münster

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