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Migrating from Xotelia to eviivo rescued Nuit en Ville’s serviced apartments

Nuit en Ville is an independent accommodation business with a modern feel located in the city of La Madeleine. It is only a few kilometres from Lille and its historic district, ideal for visiting the capital of Flanders. 

nuit en ville
Serviced apartments in La Madeleine


Domenico Paolucci and his parents are the owners of Nuit en ville, a group of apartments located a few minutes from the historic centre of Lille. Guests of these fully-equipped apartments have complete autonomy; they check-in themselves with a code and a digital guide is sent a few days before arrival for information. While Domenico mainly takes care of the commercial side of the business, his parents sort the logistics and are responsible for guest management.

In 2017, Domenico didn’t feel very satisfied with the vacation rental software offered by his former provider, Xotelia because it wasn’t designed with the user in mind and had limited functionalities, such as a channel manager that needed to evolve. When he learned that eviivo was acquiring Xotelia, he spied an opportunity to find new tools to use to manage his business. Domenico researched the competition during the Xotelia-eviivo takeover because he wanted to make sure he had the best accommodation booking system for his business.


Finally, he opted for eviivo suite, because it met his needs best as a small accommodation business. He migrated with the eviivo team, helped by a migration sales representative and activation agent, who explained all aspects of the software and the process of taking online bookings. eviivo’s property management system has enabled the Paolucci family to take their business online with minimum effort, and save time thanks to the invoicing tools, automated guest emails, and a payment manager that pre-authorises credit & debit cards in just one click.


Domenico says that this migration has transformed his business. The changeover provided an opportunity to rework the business’s marketing content and improve the visibility of the property online, when setting up the account with a brand new small hotel booking system. This new experience of accommodation booking systems also allowed him to embrace previously unfamiliar functionalities. Now Nuit en ville has the option to use Guest Manager within eviivo suite, which sends automated guest emails (e.g. sending a welcome guide 72 hours before the clients’ arrival), which has considerably improved customer satisfaction, and saves the Paolucci family a great deal of time.   

Domenico commented: “I was very supported by the teams, both by the sales representative and the activation agent.”

“eviivo provide an efficient tool, that offers me 100% satisfaction.”

– Domenico Paolucci
Property owner Domenico Paolucci

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