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Wold View House is saving hours of admin time every week

Wold View House is a 3 room B&B in the Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Popular with walkers on the Viking Way, it offers guests a warm welcome, great breakfasts and wonderful countryside views. The owner, Irene Kendall, won The AA Story Award in 2019.

wold view
Exterior of the property


Running a tearoom, restaurant and 3 bedroom B&B on the Lincolnshire Wolds was driving Irene Kendall into the ground. Desperate to make her business a success, she was working all hours, and suffering for it. There simply weren’t enough hours in the day for all the cooking, cleaning, baking, shopping and washing involved, let alone managing guest bookings.


It was a visit from an AA inspector that prompted Irene to make things easier on herself. The inspector suggested closing the restaurant and tearooms, signing up with eviivo and concentrating just on the B&B. With bills to pay, Irene wondered how she would cope with just one source of income, but by taking her bookings online with eviivo, she soon found that all the extra bookings was what she needed to cope with.

eviivo suite’s simple to use booking diary helped. It’s now easy for Irene to see who is checking-in and checking-out on any given day, when they would be arriving and whether they have paid in full or paid a deposit and have a balance to pay. She can take card payments, which makes the process even easier. Using eviivo’s channel manager to connect to all of the leading online travel websites also means Irene doesn’t have to spend time setting up and maintaining all of her property information, images, rates and availability on each website – eviivo took care of that, and all the invoicing and payments too.

With guests now able to check availability and book their own rooms, there are fewer emails and phone calls to deal with, and with Wold View House being advertised globally across the internet, Irene saves more time (and money) by not having to list her property in local guides and directories, taking online bookings through her B&B website via a booking button instead.


While no one would say that 72 year old Irene is now taking it easy, her guests would certainly agree that she has more time to spend with them. Whether she’s welcoming them when they arrive, or chatting over a freshly prepared breakfast in the morning, there is time to spare to offer recommendations on the best things to see and do in the area, and the best places to eat and drink.

“I love eviivo. It makes my busy life so simple.”

Irene Kendall
irene wold view house
Property owner Irene Kendall

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