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After working at three different B&B’s over the last few weeks Kate has realised how hard it actually is. Watch this video to hear her final thoughts and take a look at her article on The Independent if you haven’t already.

Kate heads to a converted castle near Oxford run by Mark, where she struggles with poached eggs and gets to grips with the admin side of the B&B business. Mark tells Kate that running a B&B is not for the feint hearted and also gives her some insight into the tremendous upkeep that goes into a place like The Castle at Edgehill, for example: they’ve painted the walls 8 times in the last 3 years

  The old Mill is a converted 18th Century Barley Mill run by Andy and Zoe. Kate has some homework from Zoe to read up about the local area before being quizzed over breakfast by some guests! – Kate claims to be a good cook when it comes to breakfast, but how will she handle six guests all coming down at once and demanding a fry up!? Watch the video to find out and don’t

Meet Kate…

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Kate’s always wanted to run a B&B, but she has no idea how hard it is! She thinks that, compared to her job as a journalist in London “changing a few beds will be a doddle“. So we sent Kate out to learn about running a B&B from three of the experts, you, our customers.  You can read Kate’s take on her experience on The Independent here. Safe to say it wasn’t always as easy

1. Engage with your customers and could-be customers Because Twitter messages are short and sweet, customers are often quicker and more likely to type a response than they would be to send an email or make a telephone call – you can see what people are thinking about your messages in real time by monitoring retweets, favourites, responses or questions. You can also then reply to people quickly and easily so you can get your