A direct connection to Google Hotel Ads built into eviivo suite

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What is Google Hotel Ads?

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If you search for accommodation on Google or Google Maps on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, you will often see a special section on the first page, where Google displays a small map and lists various accommodation options – that’s Google Hotel Ads. Potential guests from all over the world will see Google Hotel Ads when they’re looking to book a hotel like yours, and you’ll only pay when your ad generates a booking. Guests can check prices and availability on Google right away, and book a room there and then. No delays, no intermediaries. With a growing number of impatient guests choosing to book on smartphones, the ability to book on Google immediately, rather than be redirected elsewhere is starting to make a huge difference to who gets the booking! So why not connect to Google Hotel Ads?

What’s so special about eviivo’s connection to Google Hotel Ads?

The premium, first-page position provided by Google Hotel Ads used to be the monopoly of large hotel chains and major travel agencies, with the expertise to manage big PPC budgets. But not anymore! You can now advertise and sell directly on Google Hotel Ads without needing to be an expert in pay-per-click advertising. Our connection gives you two ways to advertise on Google Hotel Ads:

  • A ‘Commission’ model of 12%, based on the minimum underlying rate required by Google, and payable after your customer stays, or
  • A CPA (‘Cost per Acquisition’) model of 5%, offering a lower commission payable on converted bookings.


In both cases, the visibility of your property on Google is directly impacted by:

  • What you pay Google. The higher the % you pay, the higher your ranking will be, as Google converts your spend to an average “spend per click” and compares this to everyone else advertising your property.
  • Your room rate. The cheaper the rate relative to others also advertising your room, the better your rank is likely to be.


So a 12% commission is more likely to deliver significantly more clicks and bookings than a 5% CPA, and is our recommended option.

With eviivo we make it simple, managing all your commission payments to Google. And as the eviivo connection to Google Hotel Ads is deeply integrated it comes without any restrictions – just like bookings from your own website. You set the terms, you own the guest relationship and you remain in control at all times!


Ready to get started?

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*Includes a 2% settlement fee and may be subject to local taxes