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What is great about HomeAway ?

Connessione HomeAway

HomeAway is the world’s #1 choice for holiday homes. 
The HomeAway network provides a cost-effective way to market cottages, villas, chalets, apartments, castles, riads, or yurts… in fact any form of short-term rental!

It’s all about connecting holidaymakers with homeowners in order to create unique and memorable experiences. Whether a guest is looking for a place that has plenty of character, or exceptional hosts like yourselves, or simply a little privacy for friends & family.

HomeAway cater for over 32 million travellers and operate over 50 travel websites including major brands like Abritel, TopRural, Homelidays, FeWo-direkt, VRBO and, with a rental marketplace of more than 2 million listings in 190 countries, and in 23 languages.

Why list your accommodation on HomeAway?

HomeAway is one of the leaders in vacation rental, whether you own a city apartment or a beachfront home, HomeAway is perfect for promoting your property!

Things to know about HomeAway

More than 9.8 million monthly visits•

50 websites in 23 languages 

Strong international reach •


• 32 millions of travellers • More than 2 million listings in 190 countries  • Includes FeWo-direktTopRuralHomelidays, VBRO • More about Homeaway

What’s so special about the eviivo – HomeAway connection?

The HomeAway channel manager is deeply integrated with eviivo suite, thus extremely reliable.  No overbookings, no admin!   

  • A deep two-way connection
  • Instant updates of your rates, availability, policies, photos and content
  • Simple commission model – no bookings, no costs!
  • One click opt-in / opt-out
  • Everything in one place, automatic onboarding and updates.

Don’t miss the opportunity to gain great exposure for your vacation rental or holiday letting. Opt into HomeAway via eviivo suite!

HomeAway connection

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Descriptions and policies

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