Integrate eviivo suite with Chekin for a contactless check-in and check-out. Offer a better experience to your guests with an automated, contactless and fast process, saving time and money.
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¿What is Chekin?

Chekin automates and digitizes all the steps of the check-in process, from the booking confirmation till the check-out.

This tool is available for all types of properties, like Vacation rental, Hotels, Guest houses…,  Chekin provides a better experience for guests, as they will be able to check-in online through their phone. Easy and fast.

It also has a “Self check-in” feature, which allows guests to enter the property remotely.  Once the online check-in is completed and their identity is verified remotely (as easy as taking a photo of their ID and a selfie, and the Chekin biometric software will verify that they are the same person), guests will receive a virtual key to open the property’s lock. No waiting and no schedules.

What does it include?


Online Check-in & Check-out

Let your guests register themselves. With this technology, you could save more than 80% of the time when you register a guest.

Identity Verification

Verify the identity of your guests as an extra step in the online check-in. Guests scan their document, take a selfie, and Chekin automatically compares the two photos to validate the information.

Self Check-in

Give your guests the option to open the door remotely. You can save money by digitizing your keys, while making your guests’ experience more enjoyable. Connect your smart lock provider to your CheKin account.

Tourist Taxes

Tourist taxes regulations includes multiple variables and parameters. Chekin can calculate the taxes depending on your country, region, type of property and number of adults/children and allow host to collect that payment through online check-in.

Legal Compliance

Let Chekin take care of all the legal matters. Every time a guest checks in at your property, they must be registered, identified and documented. As well as other possible obligations such as statistical reports and contracts.

Send guest records to the police automatically, generate statistic reports if required by law, and even save all required legal documents.

¿How does it integrate with eviivo?

1) Once the host receives a booking, a few days before to arrival, their guests will be asked to register online via an automatically generated Chekin form for them (booking information will be pre-filled thanks to the data synchronization with eviivo).

2) In the same link, guests can sign the rental agreement, validate their identity by taking a selfie and a picture of their ID and pay the tourist tax related to their stay (if features activated).

3) The data will automatically be sent to local authorities (if it’s mandatory in your country)  and the required documentation will be generated and stored on the Chekin dashboard for the time needed. Information about the guests will also be synced back to eviivo!

4) If hosts usually allow their guests to access remotely to their accommodations (Self check-in), Chekin first will verify their identity online and then send automatically a code to them to open the door of the property.

This integration is an all-in-one solution for hosts, being able to have a full digital system from the booking till the check-out.