The eviivo team have been working hard to improve your eviivo suite service with some great new features to make running your business easier than ever.

Here are three of the bigger changes we’ve made to eviivo suite recently:

 1. You can now define more than one deposit policy!

To help you secure more advanced bookings, deposits can now be taken at the time of booking and then increase as check-in gets closer. The deposit may be expressed as a number of nights, a fixed value or a percentage of the booking value.

So now you can secure even more advance bookings!

deposit pic

2.  You can also define a tiered cancellation policy to match!

Just like deposits, cancellation charges can now be defined to increase over time, the closer you get to check in. To check the cancellation policies that are currently defined for your business, go to the Settings tab, and select the Cancellation menu. Remember: cancellation policies always needs to be “mapped” to the travel websites that you are connected to.


non refundable


3. Finally, we have also implemented a number of other improvements to assist with booking cancellations. 

Taking bookings is great, but when guests change their minds at the last minute and cancel, things can get tricky. So now, when you click on the Cancel button, eviivo suite will take you through everything, step by step… make sure you know WHERE the booking came from, WHO needs to pay or refund the guest, by HOW MUCH, and what alternatives you have.  All this before you are asked to confirm the cancellation.

cancellation pic


It’s great when things go right, we want to make it easy for you when things don’t go to plan as well!

We’ve got many more exciting features on the way and look forward to more updates soon!