What’s in a name?  Well we are about to find out as this year we are launching a new category to celebrate the most creatively named properties across the UK.  

So, if your property’s name is memorable, funny, quirky, satirical or poignant we want to hear from you. It might be nostalgic. It might be part of Britain’s fine tradition of puns. It might be a reference to a novel. It might mark something historical. Or it might be a name that you have invented.

Our judges will be basing their decision on a combination of the name itself and the story or rationale behind it – so we’d love to hear any supporting anecdotes. Perhaps the name resonates with your guests. Is it the core reason they book with you? Does it draw a diverse fan club? The more you can tell us the better.

Thank you for all your entries, we have been blown away with the number and the quality of submissions that we received this year. It has made pulling together the shortlist a very tough task indeed, and here they are. The winners will be all be announced at our 2017 award ceremony at Café de Paris in London on October 17th.

Peaky Blinders Accommodation & Bar - Lancashire
The property opened with a 1920s theme named after the Peaky Binders TV show of which both proprietors are big fans. Guests as fellow fans are drawn to the property with the name really helping it stand out and highlight how quirky this place is.

Tree Garth - Bedfordshire
Tree Garth is an anagram of the name the property had when Bruce took it over, Tregertha. With ‘garth’ a saxon word meaning ‘plot’, which is surrounded by trees, with over 30 species represented in the gardens. It was later discovered that Tregertha means ‘The Place of the Word’ which is also apt given it is now also home to a small publishing house and author.

Two Hoots Campsite
- Hampshire
The name Two Hoots came to be after a poignant moment whilst owner Caz and Dave were sitting under one of their trees enjoying the still quiet evening when an owl gave out a loud hoot! This was followed instantaneously with a hoot from the stream train that runs along the bottom of the garden, and the name was born.

Burlington Berties Boutique Hotel - Norfolk
Burlington Berties is in an Edwardian Gentleman’s’ residence built at the height of music hall popularity in 1905, and has a theatrical music hall theme, and is also home to a St Bernerd dog called Berti.

Woodville Smial - West Yorkshire
This property has been known as Woodville for a century, with the ‘Smial’ the lower ground floor level of the house, which is part underground. It is also the name in "Lord of the Rings" for a Hobbit house in The Shire; which is warm, cosy and luxurious.

Estbek House
- North Yorkshire
The name originates from Old Norse, being given to the beck in front of the property during the Viking raids on the Whitby area is 867 AD, and the original meaning of the name is said to be 'wooded valley, with running beck.’

Dog in a Doublet
- Cambridgeshire
Originally built as a coaching inn for the Dutch when they were draining the fens an early Landlady of the property had a small terrier dog, which after a dip in the river lost all of its coat, so she knitted it a doublet. The locals would then say they had been to the pub with the ‘dog in the doublet’ and the name has stuck ever since, with the local lock and bridge now also bearing the same name!

Who'd Have Thought It
- Devon
Hundreds of years ago there was a village inn located next to the property, and the then owner decided to also apply for a licence to open another one. On finally being granted the licence the owner was so delighted and surprised that he went and stood outside the porch and exclaimed ‘Who’d Have Thought It!’, and the appropriate name has stuck ever since.

The Mercury
- Lancashire
Deborah and Anthony are both musicians and they knew they wanted to make the hotel musically themed. After toying with many names, and then jokingly suggesting ‘Freddie’s’ they looked at each other and said ‘The Mercury’ and the name was settled.

The Blickerage Apartment - Pembrokeshire
The apartment is named after the family name ‘Blick’ and The Vicarage is next door – when Lloyd and Sue moved in the Vicar next door thought they were initially taking the mickey with the name!

New award this year!


Some ideas of what our judges will be looking for:

  • The quirkiness of the name itself
  • The story behind how your property got its name
  • What do your guests say about your name?
  • Funny stories relating to the name of your property