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Want to advertise to millions of potential guests? My Channel Manager can help!

  1. Increase your direct bookings and get your property seen worldwide. Connect to all the leading travel sites – like Expedia, Booking.com and Airbnb – in just one click!
  2. Sync your rates, availability, policies & content across all your channels in real time. See it all from our stress-free diary putting YOU back in control.
  3. Gone are the days of overbookings! Book a demo today to find out more.

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Channel Manager

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“Double bookings are a thing of the past”

“Double bookings are a thing of the past with the eviivo suite, and it allows us to sell our rooms to a vast array of OTA’s, with Booking.com, Airbnb, Expedia and many others, all included. For the low cost of the eviivo suite, we save a huge amount of time, money, energy and trauma.”

Steve Tracey, Birchfield, York

My Channel Manager

Key Features

The channel management software that puts you in control of distributing to online travel sites.

One-click connection

Connect to all leading OTAs, like Expedia, Booking.com, Google, Airbnb and many more, in one click.

No double-bookings

Sync all your rooms and availability on all your channels in real time – say goodbye to double bookings!

Stay in sync

Update your rates, availability, photos, content and cancellation policies in real time across all your OTAs.

Simple calendar view

View, manage and report on all your bookings through our diary

Put yourself in control

Set your rates, availability, policies or minimum length of stay (when using My Promo Manager) for each OTA.

Access 150+ travel booking sites

Free access to 150+ regional and local community websites charging under 10% commission.

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Connecting you to all the leading online travel agencies

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eviivo suite

Inspiring hospitality management software. Explore its deep, rich, innovative feature set.

My Diary
My Diary

A beautifully designed planner and a multi-media library to manage everything on any device.

My Website
My Website

A stunning website to showcase your property. Mobile and SEO friendly with customisable booking pages.

My Channel Manager
My Channel Manager

Fully automated update of all major travel sites: rates, availability, promos, amenities, extras & policies.

My Promo Manager
My Promo Manager

Exclusive packages, early bird, late availability, promo codes, and dynamic price rules. Ultimate flexibility.

My Guest Manager
My Guest Manager

Drag-and-drop mail designer to automate personalised guest communications. Collect reviews & preferences.

My Dashboard
My Dashboard

Business insights at your fingertips, easy-to-read graphics, invaluable snapshots and an interactive cleaning dashboard.

Payment Manager
My Payment Manager

Secure card processing with Level 1 PCI Compliance. Automated collection and contactless check-in/out.

Who we work with

eviivo work with over 16,000 properties worldwide, ranging from stately castles and haunted hill-top hotels, to snug shepherd’s huts, vacation rentals, city apartments and beachfront B&Bs. Each as individual and unique as the people who run them.

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