In the name of romance, this Valentine’s Day we spoke to Edgar House who have recently been named the 2nd most romantic place to stay in the world by TripAdvisor , here’s what they had to say:  You’ve just been named one of the best hotels in the UK by TripAdvisor, congratulations, what does this mean to you? It means so much to us, and to the team of course, we all feel incredibly honoured

In honour of Valentines Day, we spoke to some of our customers who offer a rather romantic service, firstly we caught up with Kim Monroe from Castle Levan, which is a castle near Glasgow. here’s what she had to stay about a stay with them:  We’d love to know what makes a stay at Castle Levan so romantic?  Well, who doesn’t want to stay in a castle for Valentines Day? Our castle is a bit

It’s time to kick off your shoes and grab the slippers, for 60 seconds with Fiona Craster from Craster Towers Penthouse Apartments.  What advice would you give someone before they took a leap into the accommodation business? You definitely need a sense of humour, and to be prepared that your beloved property may get treated not as you would treat other people’s. You will meet some delightful groups of charming people and others… you would not

Recently, we surveyed hotel and B&B owners and asked them what they did before they took the leap into the world of running their own accommodation business. The results showed that the majority of people starting their own B&B or hotel had NOT worked in the hospitality industry before deciding to jump in head first with their own venture. If fact an incredible 76% of people we surveyed had no hospitality experience. However, hospitality was

It’s that time again! Shut the door, pour yourself a glass of wine and put your feet up for 60 seconds with Michelle Reid from The Beach House in Weymouth.    What advice would you give someone before they took a leap into the accommodation business?   You should go and shadow someone in the type of place you want to buy for at least a week; as it’s not just about cooking breakfasts, there