We spoke to Julie and Neale from Copperfields Vegetarian Guest House to find out all about their recent win on channel 4’s Four in a Bed!  Can you tell us more about your time on the show?  We’ve been contacted on and off for about 3 years – ever since we started up the business. But we’d never really felt ready to do it until this year. So we agreed at the beginning of this year

It’s Friday afternoon why not grab a cold beer from the fridge, shut the laptop and take 60 seconds with Steve Mitchell from The Castle Inn Hotel.  What advice would you give someone before they took a leap into the accommodation business? Crikey, how long have we got? Well, if you don’t like hard work – don’t do it. If you are not prepared to be at everyone’s disposal 24 hours a day – don’t

Ready, steady, slow! On 15th July, in the village of Congham, Norfolk, the world’s fastest snails will gather to compete in the World Snail Racing Championships. Held every year for more than 25 years, the contest sees everyday garden snails – some painted with fancy stripes, and all sporting a numbered sticker to identify them – race for glory. More than 200 molluscs compete in a series of heats for a place in the prestigious

In this June podcast, we are talking to a couple of our customers to hear their stories and pick up some tips on what makes their accommodation successful. Checking in first, we speak to Neale and Julie from Copperfields Guesthouse, who recently won Channel 4’s Four in a Bed. They tell us all about what it was like filming for the show and how they wowed with their secret fluffy cloud egg recipe. Next to

Picture the scene. You get to your amazing accommodation, you unpack your bag and…oh no, you’ve forgotten something. You’re going to have to work out where the nearest shop is and buy a new one! But what if your wonderful host or hotelier had a spare one they could lend you to make your break even less stressful?!  We want to help eviivo customers to go that extra mile for their guests. So we’ve put