A wonderful way of making your property stand out is by organising an event, this could be something held inside your property or perhaps within your grounds or even a tour of the local area. Obviously, the events that you can put on, depend entirely on what type of property you have and what’s available to do in your local area, but we’ve put together a list of ideas to inspire you:    Murder mystery evening  Everyone’s a suspect,

As we approach the summer season, it’s a great time to take a look at your rates and make sure that you’re making the most out of the busiest time of year. Does your booking pattern look a bit like this? For most of our customers demand is 3x higher in July, August and September than in January or February.  If you have a flat rate for the entire year you are either losing bookings

Did you know that if you don’t have the most competitive rates set up at least 12 months in advance then you could be missing out on hundreds of potential guests? We’ve put together three reasons why you should plan your rates for the next year: To make sure you have the best rates available for the early-bookers! We spoke to Expedia, who told us that bookings are already up by 53% for February 2017.

We all know that the internet has changed the way people book their accommodation and the impact of sites such as Expedia, Booking.com, TripAdvisor and Laterooms has been huge, but what about your own website? Does it actually matter? With that in mind we surveyed 500 people across UK and Ireland, to learn about how they use a hotel or B&B’s own website when making a booking. These three stats show important your website is,

This week we’re talking about eggs! We love all eggs, whether they are scrambled, poached or fried. So we’ve put together 10 slightly quirkier things that you can do with the eggy breakfasts you make your guests. 1. How about sweet potato with scrambled egg, avocado and tomato garnish with parsley for something a little different? See the recipe here   2. Baked eggs with ham and tomato in a small ramekin is sure to be