We asked our customers what the strangest thing that had been left behind in a guest room was. Asides from the staggering number of forgotten ‘toys’, fifteen family members or partners, lost socks and lone shoes, we have narrowed it down to ten of the most bizarre things guests have left behind. Fingerprints   That led the police to solving a murder investigation!!! 2. £500 under the mattress It could always be a really, really generous

We recently surveyed 500 people across the UK and Ireland, to learn about how they use a Hotel or B&B’s own website when making a booking. We all know that the internet has changed the way people book their accommodation and the impact of sites such as TripAdvisor, Expedia and Booking.com has been huge, but what about your own website? Does it actually matter? We think these six stats tell you everything you need to

What is the challenge? Online Travel Agents (websites like Expedia, Booking.com etc.) are an incredibly valuable source of bookings for the majority of small hoteliers and B&B’s, however we all know that those bookings come at a cost: With a % of your room rate going to the agent. For a long time the agents have been demanding “price parity” – meaning you cannot advertise cheaper rates with different websites, and you can’t even advertise

Blackpool’s world famous Illuminations began with eight humble electric lamps in 1879, described by the local press of the time as “artificial sunshine”. 136 years later the Illuminations are still going strong and have become an annual institution, with 2015 even involving an ambitious “Lightpool” project using world renowned projection mapping artists, a composer who worked on the Matrix trilogy and the iconic Blackpool ballroom! It’s all very exciting and tops off a rejuvenated 6

There has been Mexican waves, whooping and clinking of tea mugs aplenty in the eviivo office this week, because a whopping nine eviivo users have won an Expedia Insider’s select 2015 award! Only 650 awards have been presented worldwide, and our customers have nabbed nine of them. We could not be prouder down at eviivo HQ. The Expedia Insider’s Select awards are an annual award that recognises the very best hotels available in the global