Now that over 50% of booking are made online, it is increasingly important to not only make sure that your website is able to take bookings but that the guest books directly through your website. So we have put together some guidance, based on our experience, to ensure you give the potential guest all the information they need to book right away: Don’t link to online travel websites If your website can take bookings and

This month we’re giving one lucky winner and their partner the chance to use their expert eye, to give us a critique of what is arguably, the most iconic hotel in London, The Ritz.  We know you spend most of your days making beds, cooking breakfasts  and tending to guests but now it’s time to turn the tables and for you to be treated like royalty. We want you to go undercover as a mystery

We wanted to find out what some of our 5000+ customers felt they needed in order to make their jobs a lot easier. And while we’re sure we could help with some of their requests, we’re not sure what we can do about these ten:   A way of abolishing dust  That would certainly make cleaning easier at Rob Roy Guest House.   2. A fairy god mother! She could bibbity bobbity boo the rooms

As you probably know it’s important for your business to be on review sites such as TripAdvisor, it’s a brilliant way of taking advantage of their 280 million unique visitors a month- for free. A recent survey from TripAdvisor revealed that 89% of people are influenced by reviews. This means if your property cannot be found on a review site, you are missing out on hundreds of potential guests. And it’s not just the score

Hello! I’m Mark Wright. You may remember me claiming the spoils in series 10 of The Apprentice in late 2014, and it’s fair to say that even in the less than a year since then, my life has been a whirlwind, particularly with the early success of my new business, the Internet marketing agency Climb Online. If I wasn’t such a workaholic, I would be tempted to say that I could do with a holiday!