You want fast food? How about a whole Double Gloucester cheese at 70mph? At the annual Cheese Rolling event at Cooper’s Hill, in Brockworth on the edge of the Cotswolds, competitors risk sprained ankles (and worse) careering down a vertiginously steep hill chasing after a 9 pound round of cheese. It’s less of a race and more of a tumble as participants try to catch the cheese and be the first across the finish line

As your rooms start to get a little more booked up and the sun is starting (and often failing) to make an appearance, we thought we’d talk to some of our properties to get some advice about standing out this summer, as well as learning their stories. This month is actually National Pet Month, so firstly we speak to Julie from the Chesterfield Pet-Friendly Hotel in Blackpool, who has won multiple pet-friendly awards. Julie tells

Last month, we were excited to give our eviivo Hidden Gem of Normandy award to Catherine and Michael, the owners of the Manoir de Hérouville, in Litteau, France. The Hidden Gem award recognises the exceptional independent hosts and hoteliers, that provide an unforgettable experience. So we thought we’d catch up with the owners and find out their story, and learn what it is that makes them so unique, and ask their advice for independent hosts and

We know that when you stay at independent properties, you are going to get more than just a bed and a (wonderful) breakfast. You’re going to get a story. The story of the owners and maybe even a story about the history of the building you’re staying in. Well, one place you’re guaranteed to get a great history lesson is Plas Tan-Yr-Allt – whose property is so famous, it’s being used as part of a

It’s that time again… shut the door and grab a beer for 60 seconds with Rupert from Dowfold House Bed and Breakfast.  What advice would you give someone before they took a leap into the accommodation business? You need to examine carefully whether they actually like interacting with people. If they do, the the rest will naturally follow and they will have a rewarding time; if they don’t really like people, it’s the worst job