Product update - April 2016

New this month

New rate plan synopsis 

With this new release, when you click on the Rates menu, and the Rate Plan tab, you will now see a convenient synopsis screen.  Whatever rate plans you select using our new filters, you can update their prices and min/max lengths of stay right away, directly from the main synopsis screen.   You can filter by rate plan, by room type or by season (the period in your pricing calendar to which a particular rate plan applies).

For example, you can now review and update all your breakfast rates, across all room types, in one go.   Or you can look at all your winter rates for one or more room types at the same time. This makes for much quicker and easier pricing reviews and updates.

Log into the eviivo suite, go to the Rates menu and click on the Rate Plans tab to display the new synopsis screen.

Use the filters to select specific rate plans or choose ‘All’ if you want to list all of them.    You can filter by rate plan, by room type, or by season (a specific period in your pricing calendar).  

Once you have selected your rate plans, use the buttons in the Show me section (top left), in order to toggle between Rates and Min Stay or Max Stay in order to update either prices or minimum and maximum length of stay restrictions for the selected rate plans.   In the screen below we are looking at all the rate plans available in the high-season for the Double-ensuite.  

Click on the Save button to save your changes.   Always bear in mind that it can take from a few seconds to a few hours for your changes to be deployed on all the travel sites connected to eviivo suite.

Rate plans subject to a promotion are flagged with a promotion icon in the shape of a yellow rosette.   Hover over the icon to see the promotion details, and click on the icon to review or update the promotion details on a full screen.  Click on the rate plan name, to see or update the full rate plan details, including occupancy, meal plan, cancellation and deposit policy and available channels.  Finally, click on the room type name to review the room type details.

release 1

The new Rate Plan screen is designed to ease and speed up any rate update, therefore ONLY active rate plans will appear on this screen, and only prices and minimum/maximum length of stay restrictions can be updated here. 

If you view inactive rate plans, go to the Rate Map tab to see a list of all rate plans and click on the edit icon next to the rate plan you with to re-activate.

If you wish to change meal plans, cancellation and deposit policies, remember that this type of changes always need to be re-mapped with the various travel websites you are connected to.  The mapping process can take anything from a few minutes to a few days depending on the travel site, so you need to account for this.   So when you want to make important changes like these, you need to create a new rate plan (click on the Add Rate plan button) and activate it.   Then to the Channel tab to review the status of your new modified rate plan on each travel website.  Make sure the new rate plan is active on the most important channels before you delete or de-activate the old one.