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Ryanair channel manager

Ryanair is Europe’s favourite budget airline, carrying over 139 million passengers per year with more than 1,800 daily flights from 85 bases. Ryanair is famous for delivering quality, low-cost services to their customer base. They connect over 200 destinations in 33 countries, deliver an industry-leading 31-year safety record, and are Europe’s #1 for on-time performance*.

By opting into this direct connection to Ryanair Rooms, you are able to market your accommodation directly to the tens of millions of budget-conscious consumers who fly with Ryanair and use their website. In addition, any guest that books with you via Ryanair Rooms, will receive a Travel Credit against the purchase of future Ryanair flights to the value of 10% of their accommodation booking, once they have completed their stay and the Travel Credit is funded by Ryanair entirely!

The partnership between eviivo and Ryanair is an exclusive opportunity to advertise your place to millions of international visitors looking to stay in your destination!

Ryanair Rooms certified channel manager

What’s so special about the eviivo – Ryanair Rooms connection?

eviivo suite’s channel manager comes with the option of a real-time, direct connection to Ryanair Rooms, with the following benefits:

  • One-click instant connection
  • Immediate updates of your prices, availability, photos, content and policies
  • A simple commission system – No bookings, no costs!
  • Works exactly like your website – full policy support
  • This is a direct marketing service

Advertise with one of Europe’s largest carriers to get access to RyanAir Rooms’ millions of flying customers.

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What better way to get things flying than to advertise to Ryanair’s 139m passengers!

So why not advertise your property on Ryanair Rooms?

*Disclaimer: ‘”Ryanair” is a protected trademark that belongs to Ryanair. The trademark is used merely to describe the channel manager connection provided by eviivo. Any other information provided about “Ryanair ” is for general guidance only and was publicly available at the time it was published. eviivo makes no representations whatsoever as to the accuracy of this information over time. We encourage you to visit our partner directly to check this information with “Ryanair ”.

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