Generate more commission free bookings: With eviivo suite we don’t charge our customers any commission for any booking taken on their own website, but that leads to us regularly getting asked: “how can I encourage more guests to book directly on my website, commission free?” To help answer that question we have some powerful promotion capabilities designed to encourage commission free direct bookings by allowing you to set a wide range of offers and discounts that are exclusive to your website. promo-code Customers look at an average of 18 travel websites before booking – the better your website, the better your chances of being their number one choice… But what makes a website good? It’s actually very simple:

  • People have to be able to find it. That means your website has to be Google friendly: Google (and other search engines) have to be able to read it, understand it and show it to people searching for relevant terms.
  • People have to be able to use it on mobile phones. Over 65% of same day reservations are made on mobile phones, that means your website needs to work just as well on a small 4” screen as on a big laptop screen.
  • It has to have great photos and great descriptions of your property. This is what guests want to see and this, not fancy design, is how you put your best foot forwards!
  • People have to be able to book, and pay, on your site! A contact form or a phone number are not enough, they need to be able to actually book, pay and confirm right now, if they can’t then 56% of your guests will not book with you!
  • People have to be able to find information in their own language. With over 30 million annual visitors to the UK from abroad this is a huge market and one you don’t want to miss.

This is where eviivo can help: We can give you a website that is Google friendly, mobile friendly, is designed to show off your great content and allows your guests to book and pay online! The best bit: It’s FREE as part of eviivo suite. No hosting costs, no design fees, no setup admin and all the bookings are totally commission free. And, we can even give you a website where all the content is translated for guests who speak different languages! The key features are:

  • The ability to take bookings online via an effective booking button
  • Secure payments for bookings, directly into your bank account
  • Easy to design and edit with no knowledge of web design or code needed
  • Your website can be translated and available in multiple languages, allowing you to take advantage of overseas visitors
  • All the bookings made go straight into your eviivo diary
  • Free hosting on a domain you own
  • Mobile friendly and Google friendly too

Find out more about what a FREE eviivo website includes here.


How could sites built with my website look?



Improve your existing website. If you already have a website but want to enable it for online payments, you could integrate eviivo’s secure booking engine into it.  Adding the eviivo booking button takes hardly a few minutes and payments can be accepted within a couple of hours’ time. Our booking pages are designed to be fully responsive, which means that they will adapt automatically to different devices and ensure that a visitor’s booking experience is always optimal whether they are using a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. If you’re a web designer working with independent hotels, guest houses or B&B’s and would like to integrate eviivo suite’s booking pages into a site you’re designing please click here and if you would like more information on or access to our WordPress plugin then click here for our GitHub page or here to download the plugin. tavistock-booking-export-v1

Fast, accurate, helpful and very important to my business. A professional team at the end of the phone for all queries. It’s been the best decision for us joining eviivo.

- Michael Sands -