eviivo, RezOvation & Webervations: What’s the story?

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eviivo announced on 4th October our acquisition of RezOvation and Webervations – software tools owned by BedandBreakfast.com, a HomeAway® brand and part of Expedia Group. The acquisition will give RezOvation and Webervations customers full access to eviivo’s award-winning booking management platform.

eviivo suite

eviivo are the number one booking management platform for independent hosts and hoteliers in Europe, with over 12,000 customers worldwide. eviivo suite, the flagship product, has won a host of accolades, including Travolution’s Best Technology Product and an Expedia Global Innovator Award. Find out more about eviivo here.

Packed with powerful and innovative technology, eviivo’s platform operates in the cloud – enabling innkeepers to compete on an equal footing with larger hotel chains, whilst keeping it affordable. We are offering RezOvation and Webervations customers a choice of three upgrade options:

eviivo solo

a beautifully designed mobile-responsive booking engine, with easy to use booking management and card retrieval.

eviivo connect

offers an industry leading reservation and rate management tool, a mobile responsive booking engine, deep integration to the Expedia Group distribution network and/or Booking.com (depending on current usage).

eviivo suite™

offers enhanced functionality, including connectivity to more global online travel agencies, customer review and direct marketing management tools, promotional management and a comprehensive reporting dashboard.


Upgrade FAQs

Rezovation and Webervations customers will be contacted individually in the coming weeks and invited to an introduction session, followed by training sessions. In the meantime, we have a selection of FAQs below, or if you have any questions or concerns before you are contacted please do get in touch.


Upgrade FAQs

Will I have to upgrade from my current booking system?

Yes, both the RezOvation and Webervations tools will eventually be withdrawn.  The upgrade will be a simple, automated move to eviivo. We expect that some level of re-training will be necessary and our team will be here to help you every step of the way.

Why should I upgrade to eviivo?

Upgrading to eviivo gives you the opportunity to continue your service seamlessly on an award-winning booking management platform with enhanced features, excellent customer service and new distribution channels.  The most attractive enhancements available with eviivo are:

  1. A great mobile-responsive website and web booking engine
  2. Deep integration with the most high-performance booking channels including Expedia Group brands Expedia.com, Orbitz, Hotels.com, travelocity, trivago, Egencia, HomeAway Inc including VRBO & BedandBreakfast.com, as well as additional channels including Priceline, TripAdvisor Instant Book, Airbnb and Google Hotel Ads.
  3. Integration with local bed and breakfast associations, with our powerful community tools.






Will I lose any features upgrading?

The main change you will notice is a move to a new, feature-rich user interface.  Overall, eviivo offers a wider range of options and integrations than RezOvation and Webervations, but some level of retraining will be required as the user interface and navigation method is different.

eviivo does not currently provide any level of integration to Intuit or Yapstone. Integrated payment processing requires that you have opened a merchant account with one of the US banks below.

  • First Data
  • Chase Paymentech
  • Wells Fargo
  • Suntrust
  • Bank of America
  • Citibank
  • PNC

In the coming months we plan to open access to a wider range of US banks.





How much will the upgrade cost me?

The price of a subscription to eviivo depends on the size of the property and the exact product configuration you choose, with an average cost of approx. $70 per month. RezOvation and Webervations customers upgrading before 2019 will benefit from a special discounted rate. We will be happy to discuss more detail pricing information specific to your property in the coming weeks.

What happens if I’ve paid in advance for my RezOvation or Webervations service?

Customers upgrading to eviivo suite will enjoy full credit for any unused RezOvation or Webervations subscription months.

Will I still be able to speak to the same team I’ve always dealt with?

You can rest assured that you will be supported by someone who is familiar with your business. We are working on integrating the RezOvation, Webervations and eviivo teams at a new office in Austin, Texas. This team will take care of your customer service, your upgrade, and your training on the new features offered on the eviivo platform.


What’s needed from me to upgrade to eviivo?

We will need a commitment of 2-4 hours of your time, depending on the number and the size of businesses you own, to better understand the new features and how they can benefit you.

How does the upgrade process work?

Our team will guide you through every step of the process.

  • Your business data will be imported into the eviivo platform automatically.
  • Your login details will be issued as soon as you have accepted eviivo’s terms and conditions and confirmed payment details for your subscription.
  • You will be invited to an initial training webinar explaining how to review and update the configuration of your business, your rooms, your content (photos and descriptions) and policies, and how to manage a booking.
  • This will shortly be followed by a second webinar training session focused on how to setup your rates, promos, and extras charges.
  • We expect both sessions to be a few days apart, which should give you enough time to review the configuration and familiarise yourself with the eviivo platform. During this time, you will be able to contact us by asking questions via Live Chat.
  • Shortly after the second webinar, one of our friendly agents will contact you to activate eviivo and deactivate RezOvation/Webervations. During the call, we will review your booking pages, make sure you or your web designer have set up the booking widget properly on your website and ensure that your channel connection to the Expedia Group network or Priceline is ready to go live. We will also check if it’s necessary to block rooms or import last minute bookings from one system to the other. Make sure you have the following information at hand for go live:
    • Full password access to your domain and the extranet of the agencies you wish to connect to.
    • Accurate information on the commission rate and payment method in place with the travel agencies you work with.
  • At go live, your existing RezOvation/Webervations account will be deactivated as eviivo is activated.  Payment of your subscription to eviivo will start the following month. If you have paid in advance for RezOvation/Webervations, payment of your subscription to eviivo will start when your RezOvation/Webervations subscription expires.



How long will the upgrade process take?

Migration will take place over one to two weeks depending on your availability, the size and complexity of your business and the number of properties you own. Once your eviivo account is live you will benefit from online support seven days a week, allowing you to ask questions to our friendly experts via Live Chat when logged into eviivo.

Is there any risk of downtime as I switch from RezOvation/Webervations to eviivo?

eviivo is an existing Expedia Group preferred partner, meaning HomeAway will partner with eviivo to ensure a smooth transition for innkeeper customers, utilizing the current property management or booking tool software solutions. The same team is responsible for both the connection of your eviivo system and the disconnection of your RezOvation/Webervations system.  We will ensure that there is minimal disruption to the service.

Will my bookings be migrated from RezOvation/Webervations to eviivo?

All your upcoming bookings will be migrated into your eviivo diary, along with all historic bookings from the past 24 months.

Will I still be able to connect to my current OTA channels?

eviivo provides connectivity to all major channels currently supported by RezOvation. These include:  Expedia.com, Expedia Partner Solutions channels, Orbitz, Hotels.com, Egencia, HomeAway including VBRO & BedandBreakfast.com, as well as Priceline, Google Hotel Ads, Airbnb and TripAdvisor Instant Book. These channels are fully integrated with eviivo and all bookings sourced from these channels are therefore managed in the same way through the same interface. eviivo does not currently provide any level of integration to Sabre (GDS).




Customer Service FAQs

What can you tell me about the support I'll get after upgrading?

Our teams share a common goal – the success of your training and your activation on the new platform. We attach a huge importance on the value of after-sales service, as demonstrated by our ‘Excellent’ Trustpilot review score. You will be able to access our free support service seven days a week via Live Chat directly within the eviivo platform.

Where is the support team located?

We have support teams in Austin, Texas and across Europe. The support team dealing with our RezOvation/Webervations customers is based in Austin, Texas.

How can I get in touch with the support team?

Once you are live on eviivo Live Chat will be available between 9am CDT and 7pm CDT directly from within eviivo suite. We also provide a support portal where you can log tickets.

If you have any questions before your upgrade you can contact us via the form at the bottom of this page, or by phone between 7am – 5pm CDT: RezOvation enquiries:877-239-1398
Webervations enquiries: 877-204-7245

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