Together, we stand

eviivo team prebooked stays
as Xmas gift to the hospitality industry

We ditched the office Xmas party for something way more meaningful!

Instead of contributing to the traditional office Christmas party, eviivo staff unanimously decided to purchase a stay in one of eviivo’s beautiful B&Bs, hotels, inns or vacation rentals, in a strong show of solidarity for the sector. eviivo matched the spend by funding one night per employee.

Supporting independent accommodations

We simply love independent accommodations and their character and feisty spirit. The sector has suffered greatly in 2020, and as a small business, eviivo have certainly not been spared. Hospitality is who we serve, so we understand the struggles hosts are facing right now.

Non-refundable bookings, fully prepaid now.

Of course, we must respect all the current global safety guidelines.
Therefore, while eviivo bookings will be for future stays in the spring/summer of 2021, they will be fully prepaid and non-refundable.

Join the #staylocal2021 campaign!

We are kick-starting the #staylocal2021 campaign to inspire as many people as possible to book a stay in an independent accommodation for 2021.

We would like to encourage all other suppliers or partners to the independent accommodation sector to join our cause and fund one night at an independent accommodation for their employees.

With current safety guidelines, we think it’s a great idea for companies to repurpose their year-end office party budget and help their staff unplug by prebooking stays now, so that their accommodation partners can fuel up for the year ahead.

It’s a win-win, as everyone will have something to look forward to during this unconventional holiday season!

Please help us spread the word and invite others to do the same by using the hashtag #staylocal2021 on social media.

You can click on the icons below to share the link. Feel free to email us at for any partnership enquiries.

Get ready to flourish this spring!

With roadmaps out of lockdown in place across the UK, there is much we can do now to prepare for a full reopening. Rest assured that our eviivo bloggers are doing all they can to muster support.

Have you exhausted every avenue for Government help?

Have you attended or replayed our Share Webinars where experts and accommodation providers get together to exchange the best ideas on how to adapt, survive and thrive?

Have you taken a look at our Reopen Safely Checklist?

On behalf of the eviivo team,

We wish you a successful reopening season!

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