You make it look so easy!

We know running a B&B can be tough! From staying up late for guests who’ve had flights delayed to early mornings making breakfast and all that cleaning which happens in between, not to mention checking in guests, advising them on the local area and maybe even playing at being handyman to a broken appliance or two, this is no easy life.

But most of you make it look so easy that the average guest would never know how much goes on behind the scenes to make their stay go smoothly… Some of these guests may even be tempted by the B&B life themselves. In fact, according to a survey in the Daily Mail last year running a B&B was one of the top alternatives (alongside running a cafe and being an author) among people considering quitting the rat race!

So, how does the dream stack up to the reality? Well this is where Independent journalist Kate Wills comes in. Kate has always wanted to run a B&B, so, we sent her off to spend time with three of our customers to see what running a B&B was really like!

Check out her adventures below: