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What’s great about toprooms ?

toprooms connection

toprooms is exclusively dedicated to small hotels, independent B&B, guesthouses, pubs and holiday rentals.  The site services the UK predominantly but will soon go international. It works just like your website. No restrictions: your own policies, terms and prices always apply – you have full control… and best of all the commission is only 5%! 

toprooms features a fascinating blog – what’s on – targeted at audiences who look for the most unexpected attractions and events and the most charming and quirky places.  And you can contribute at any time with more fascinating stories about your area or your place.

Travellers in need of inspiration can search hashtags like #StayinCastle or #…whatever and get fresh ideas for the week-end! toprooms promotes properties just like yours, with character, in all price ranges and appeals to families as well as critical workers, contractors and mobile professionals.  

Fully operated by eviivo, toprooms is really about you.  It’s where you can really tell your story.  No chains, no large hotels.

So why not give it go ?

Things to know about toprooms

50,000 rooms that ooze character 

5 million visitors 

real rooms for real people

Website •

No competition from chains, motels or large brands

Unexpected, charming, quirky experiences

• Hospitality with a true personality

• About toprooms

What’s so special about the eviivo – toprooms connection?

Well, its eviivo technology through and through so it works just like your website, no restrictions whatsoever!  

  • A real-time connection
  • Instant update of your prices, availability, photos, content and policies
  • Low commission – 100% reinvested into advertising!
  • One click opt-in/opt-out

eviivo’s toprooms gives you a voice and a platform where you can tell your story and do business your way!


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