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Word of mouth is a powerful thing – getting great reviews can often make or break an independent property. The only thing better than guests enjoying a great night’s sleep and an equally brilliant breakfast, is having them tell the world about their incredible experience! 

In this guide, we’ll highlight the key things you need to deliver to every single guest in order to ensure a really top notch stay. From making your rooms look nice to cooking up tasty treats in the restaurant, served up by the friendliest of staff, it’s all about great customer service and delivering above your guests’ expectations.

Putting the ‘bed’ in bed & breakfast

The absolute core of your business is providing guests with an amazing stay, and how they sleep is a big part of that. Aim to give them the best night’s sleep of their lives! A few extra pounds on a super comfy mattress are well worth the glowing reviews you’ll receive. The same can be said for high-quality linens, and the combination of the two often creates a much-appreciated sense of luxury for guests. 

A big bed is always a solid investment, even if it’s a single room. Most people will treat themselves to a queen or even a king size at home, so and will be used to having that extra bit of space to roll around in at night. There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep in a bed that’s too small for you to truly relax!

Don’t forget the rest

Sleeping arrangements are just one part of a great experience for the guests: the rest of the room is equally important. You want your guests to enjoy the time they spend in their rooms, even if it’s just first thing at morning and a while in the evening. Well maintained rooms with decor that’s in-keeping with the rest of the property are essential. 

People love having choices, so go above and beyond the standard tea bag and biscuits. Offer a selection of herbal teas, premium or even home-made biscuits and a drinks fridge is sure to bring a smile to any guest’s face. You can decide if you want to make these inclusive of the price or offer them at a surcharge.

An en-suite is always a luxury that guests are more than happy to have, so if you’re in the process of conducting renovation work, then a few extra bathrooms should definitely be on your radar. Having shared facilities is hardly the end of the world, but you should make this clear on your website.

Lastly, although largely dictated by location, spare a thought for the views that guests are treated to from the windows of their rooms. They won’t be expecting the Swiss Alps or Mount Etna erupting in the distance, but be sure to keep the windows clean outside and in, cut back any trees which might obscure the view, and make sure that your property and its outside areas are tidy and smart.  If you are perhaps located in a town or city centre, why not think about a few hanging baskets or window boxes?

A spot of relaxation

Speaking of the communal areas, if you have any outside spaces on the property, such as gardens, picnic areas or a  sunbathing deck, keeping them clean and up-to-date in appearance makes a big difference, especially in the warmer months. Well looked after outside areas give guests the opportunity to relax, read or enjoy afternoon tea in a lovely setting. Your customers will be grateful of the extra effort you’ve put in to keep these areas looking spic and span for their peace and enjoyment, which is something that will definitely provide more reason to give a good review for your guest house.

If we’ve hit the nail on the head quite literally here and you are doing a bit of touching up at the present time, then please read our guide for all our top tips on the subject: How to successfully carry out a renovation.

Put yourself on the map

Something else that often brings about great reviews from guests is the location of your property. So if you’re just starting out on your B&B adventure, then this is definitely something to consider when choosing a property to set up shop.

On the other hand, if you’re an established guest house, then do some research into any popular historical attractions, museums, beaches, walking trails and the like in your local area and make them prominent on your website. Your guests will praise you for taking the time to make their stay that much easier, and you’re also promoting the nearby attractions – it’s a win-win situation!

Breakfast is the name of the game

Time and time again, we’ve heard guests say that the difference between a good stay and a great one is the breakfast. The food you provide is a great place to make a good impression and earn yourself that glowing review. In terms of what to serve, be ambitious but realistic. If you can whip up a mean hollandaise then eggs benedict is always a crowd pleaser and a bit of smoked salmon can elevate the dish to a whole other level. If your culinary skills aren’t stratospheric though, don’t overreach. Guests will appreciate a perfectly fried sausage a lot more than they will a mediocre attempt at a more complicated or impressive dish. 

If you use locally sourced products, then shout about it! It shows you take that little bit of extra care in getting the details right, and that you’re happy to champion the local community. 

Whether these dishes are served by either you or your attentive staff,  service should be kind, helpful, and responsive to any reasonable request your guest has. It might break your heart a little to see your guests slather ketchup over your perfectly balanced breakfasts but remember: it’s their meal, what’s important is that they enjoy it.  

You’ve probably noticed a theme running throughout this guide: the best way to get great reviews is… well, to earn them. Consistently giving guests the personal touch and taking that little bit of extra care really does pay off in the end. Remember, it’s these touches that separate you from dime-a-dozen chain properties. 

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Getting great guest reviews

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