Stand Out: A great website equals great business

Having a strong online presence is vital if you want your website to stand out from the crowd. A great website and strong online presence is a really effective way of making

Getting people to follow you on social media

Now that people can connect to the internet almost anywhere they go, more and more of your guests will want your Wi-Fi password simply to upload photos to Facebook of themselves having

An introduction to Google Analytics

So you’ve got your shiny new website up and running, it looks really professional and is something you can be proud of – but how is it performing? Is it getting as

Master the art of e-mail marketing

Stand out from the crowd and reap the benefits You don’t need a degree in marketing to do it like a pro. Using e-mail marketing to let former and potential guests know

Going global: How to attract visitors from all over the world

Ok, so you’re at the stage where you’re getting a good amount of visitors through the doors, from all over the country. Your establishment might present itself as a good base for

Bitesize ways to maximise your marketing

If you’re not completely au fait with the world of online marketing, it can seem quite a daunting task. However, it’s easier than you might expect, and there are a few simple

Make your property stand out with quality photos

As they say “you only get one chance to make a first impression”, so make it a good one! Statistics show that good online reviews and image quality are the two things

10 tips for getting your B&B website converting

With the UK bed and breakfast sector now said to be worth some £2 billion, starting and running a B&B these days brings big opportunities. However, you won’t realise them if your own

A staggering 20% of UK B&B’s and hotels still don’t have a website!

Today it has never been more important for B&B’s to not only have a website but to have one that is able to take bookings and payments instantly. For example: We know that over

B&B’s are losing out on £8.9m a year due to poor photography

It’s hard to believe that one thing can have such a massive impact on a B&B’s bookings, but it can. That one thing isn’t reviews, it’s photography! Which isn’t actually so surprising

How to ensure guests book directly on your website

Now that over 50% of booking are made online, it is increasingly important to not only make sure that your website is able to take bookings but that the guest books directly through

How to get more visitors to your website in three simple steps

So you’ve just got up and running with a great new website, maybe using one of our ‘my website’ templates, but how do you make sure your potential guests find it? After

If you want to generate more bookings online don’t bet on social media!

We conducted a study to find out just how much independent hosts and hoteliers (like B&B’s, independent hotels and self-catering properties) are using social media to advertise their business. And we found

SEO Made Simple

First up: SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is really the art (or science) of getting Google to place your website high up in its search results. SEO matters because very