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10 tips for getting your B&B website converting

Updated on 15/08 2019 11 August, 2017


Now that the UK bed and breakfast sector now said to be worth some £2 billion, starting and running a B&B these days brings big opportunities. However, you won’t realise them if your own establishment has a poorly optimised website, so follow our top 10 tips to get your B&B website converting visitors into paying guests.


1. Allow people to book and pay on your site!

Did you know that 56% of potential B&B guests won’t book with a particular B&B unless they are able to do so right there and then on its website? Don’t just settle for a telephone number or contact form – it’ll cost you a huge chunk of business. Make sure you have a booking button, which eviivo can sort out for you if you already have a website, or we can create you a B&B website from scratch.


2. Optimise your site for mobile

This is a really big one – 65% of same-day reservations are made on mobile phones, so your site needs to display as well on a smartphone as it does on a desktop PC.


3. Minimise loading times

This should be an obvious tip, but it’s still not getting through to some B&B owners. There are too many other great B&B sites out there for you to be able to leave your own budding guests waiting.


4. B&B website converting needs to be simple

Few of us have a long attention span when seeking hotels or B&Bs online – we just want to find the information that we need so that we can make our booking and put our feet up. So, design your website to make everything as instant and easy as possible for visitors and it will get your B&B website converting.

Again, this is very much related to allowing your potential guests to find what they need, quickly. Don’t have messily organised and poorly labelled menu options, and make sure the most important information – such as location and rates – is easy to find.


5. Invest in great quality photography

Is your B&B situated on gorgeous grounds? Perhaps you’ve recently refurbished your main bedroom or would just like to show off the intricate stonework above the door? Lots of mouth-watering visual material will really get those potential customers booking.


6. Offer a ‘virtual tour’ of your establishment

An extension of the above tip, a ‘virtual tour’ will enable your site visitors to immerse themselves even more in your B&B environment in the comfort of their own homes.


7. Determine your target guest

You’ll get far more bookings if you zoom in on the exact type of person that you would like to attract, instead of trying to be all things to all people, which is – of course – impossible to achieve.


8. Showcase praise from guests

Have you been getting brilliant reviews on TripAdvisor? Were you recently praised in a newspaper or travel magazine? Maybe you’ve just been given a certain award or accreditation? Whatever – make sure it’s front-and-centre on your website.

Getting great guest reviews, will get your B&B website converting in no time.


9. Use informative, descriptive text

Potential overnight stayers don’t respond to generic, waffly text that is aimed at search engines rather than them. Tell them why your B&B is a seriously attractive prospect, outlining what they can do at your establishment and describing it all in a highly evocative way.


10. Be multilingual

Imagine trying to book a holiday in a language you don’t understand. Impossible right? Well then make it easier for your foreign guests by offering at least 2 other languages for booking on your site.


Improve all of these aspects and your website will be ready for all of those converting visitors in no time!


eviivo suite allows you to build your site without having to spend a fortune on getting help elsewhere and is designed for desktop, mobile and tablet. If you’re not totally confident in making your site technically dynamic, eviivo can help create something shiny and new that both users and Google will love!