How to ensure guests book directly on your website

Now that over 50% of booking are made online, it is increasingly important to not only make sure that your website is able to take bookings but that the guest books directly through your website.

So we have put together some guidance, based on our experience, to ensure you give the potential guest all the information they need to book right away:

Don’t link to online travel websites

If your website can take bookings and those bookings are commission free for you there is no need to link your customer to a different site where you have to pay a commission. This simple change to your website will save you money in commission and generate more bookings by making it easier for your customer to book!

Make sure the booking button is obvious

It is important that your book now button is clearly displayed on every page of your website.  If it is not clearly shown on your site, guests will seek out other websites like to book through, this may mean you end up paying a commission or it may mean you don’t get the booking at all as those sites will show other properties alongside yours.

Remove any tariff pages

If your website is able to take online bookings (and it needs to be) then tariff pages are no longer necessary. You don’t want to confuse potential guests by having prices on your website that do not match the book now price.

Make sure your website is easy to navigate and up-to-date

By using good content including plenty of good quality images, your guests have no reason to look elsewhere. Your content should be easy to read, easy to navigate through, and have good spelling and grammar.

You need to ensure that your website has tabs for the following information:

  • Contact us
  • Rooms
  • Gallery
  • Restaurant
  • Facilities
  • Special offers

Don’t try to encourage customers to call you, encourage them to make a booking:

It can be tempting to hide the booking button in favour of trying to get the customer to call you directly, however most guests are put off if they have to call or email to book. As long as you have the following information on your website, your guests will book instantly rather than booking elsewhere:

  • Booking button
  • Good quality photography
  • Google map/location
  • TripAdvisor certificate
  • Social media icons
  • Contact details
How to ensure guests book directly on your website

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