3 ways to improve your content on travel websites to get more bookings

Once you’ve opted into travel websites such as Booking.com, LateRooms and Expedia you’ll probably boost your bookings – but now you need to make sure you stand out against the competition! 

Your online property profile is like your shop window and you need to influence guests to book with you over your competitors. So how do you do that?  

Well, there are 3 simple steps you can take to making sure you stand out:

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1. It’s all about your photos!

Photo’s are the most important thing when it comes to your online presence. In fact a study we conducted showed us that 82% of potential guests are put off by bad photography and 1 in 3 people think poor photos mean poor service. 

What you need photo’s of:

      • At least 20 high definition photos of your property.
      • 4 photos of each room type including a bathroom.
      • Photos of everything – including rooms, building, common areas, breakfast room and facilities.
      • If you have a sea view, show a photo to capture attention rather than words.

What to consider before taking a photo: 

      • Take your photos in the day time when there is good natural light.
      • Make sure you can’t see any people in the pictures, like in a mirror’s reflection.
      • Ensure that the rooms are clean and tidy.
      • Double check that all windows and mirror are cleaned.
      • Play with your cameras settings, for example if you’re in a room that has little natural light, you should open the ISO.
      • A standard camera can hold hundreds of images so take lots of photos and use your best 20.
      • Experiment with different angles and settings.
      • Remember to have high definition images so they look great on any screen size.
      • Make sure you keep the photos relevant – arty photos add no value to the guests search.

2. Using the right words!

It’s not just good images that capture a potential guests attention – it’s using the right words too! Did you know that you only have 3.4 seconds to capture a guests attention? Here’s how you can capture a their attention in that time:

      • Showcase your higher quality rooms by calling them ‘executive,’ ‘superior’ or ‘luxury.’
      • Show the location of your rooms by calling them ‘sea view,’ ‘garden view,’ ‘ground floor’ or ‘balcony.’
      • Know what adds value to a room, is it location, positioning, view, size or facilities? – this will increase the value of the room.

3. Showcasing your USP’s!

Make sure you stand out from your competition by showcasing EVERYTHING that is available when they stay with you!

      • Meal Options: what breakfast and dinner options do you serve?
      • Facilities: do you have a bar, restaurant or parking?
      • Things to see: what places are there to visit nearby?
      • Things to try: maybe you have local crafts or foods to sample?
      • Things to do: are there sports events, shows or gigs in the local area?
      • Things to buy: any nearby shopping available?
      • Where to go: local restaurants and pubs are a great addition here.
      • The story: here is a great chance for the guest to understand you a little better. For example: If your B&B’s building has an interesting history, a unique location or some other interesting snippet!

With only a small amount of time to impress your potential guest on a travel website listing, you should keep your information sharp and informative with great, high quality images! 

3 ways to improve your content on travel websites to get more bookings

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