Why it’s better to have bookings from several different travel websites


We sometimes hear people tell us “Well, I get all the bookings I need through website X so I don’t need to advertise anywhere else”. At first this seems to make sense, if you’re nearly full and have all the bookings you need why would you bother with the extra hassle of adding your property to other sites?

Well, actually there are several reasons why, even if you’re getting many bookings through one travel website, you should still be visible on the others:

  • What if they start to promote competitors above you? – Most major travel sites operate a scoring system to rank results for particular searches. That’s fine if you have a good score and get a good, high, position in search, but these sites also change that scoring system sometimes. If you’re only on one website and they move you down the rankings that could have a major impact on your bookings!
  • What if they change their T’s and C’s or their policies? – If all your bookings come through one travel site and they suddenly make it a mandatory requirement for you to offer certain cancellation policies then you have no choice!
  • Listing on more than one major travel website can have surprising results! – Perhaps most interestingly we recently studied several hundred properties who moved from being just on Expedia to on Expedia and Booking.com, we found that once they added the second site they actually generated more bookings via Expedia! This is a type of billboard effect, customers like to see the same hotel in multiple places, it reassures them.

So, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, list your property on multiple travel websites and reap the benefits.

Why it’s better to have bookings from several different travel websites

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