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Suite! New Product Enhancements

Updated on 13/05 2020

We are constantly working hard to make updates and improvements to our products to provide the best-in-class booking suite for properties. Keep reading to see what we’ve been working on recently.

Collect payments automatically

Now in Payment Manager, you can easily collect and/or pre-authorize charges in addition to your reservation deposits. These new features make collecting reservation totals easy and automated. 

What’s new?

We’ve made updates to streamline the process for pre-authorizations and collections. Now you’re able to customize payment collections to fit your business. 

  • Automatically pre-authorize and collect charges before check in 
  • Automatically pre-authorize before check-in and manually charge later
  • Automatically pre-authorize and then release the pre-authorization hold at your discretion

Why is this important?

Creating automated pre-authorizations and/or charges in Payment Manager will help manage additional charges and fees to alleviate manual processing, saving you time and creating a more seamless booking experience. 

Now you can create multiple different workflows for charges that can be tailored to your property’s needs. 

For example, you can pre-authorize funds and release or charge the pre-authorization at your discretion:

  • Create a Security Deposit to be pre-authorized before Check-In (customizable to be at the time of your choosing)
  • Choose to manually charge or release the pre-authorization amount at your discretion

For example, you can charge automatically collect funds before check-in:

  • Create a Cleaning Fee to be automatically charged before check-in
  • Automatically charge the amount at: 
    • Time of Booking
    • Prior to Check-in. (customizable to be at the time of your choosing)

How is pre-authorization different from a charge?

A pre-authorization holds funds on a guest’s credit card, but properties do not receive funds until they attempt to collect (instant). They are held and are automatically released by the bank typically in 5 days, but can take up to 30 days. These may display as a “Pending” charge to the cardholder. Canceling a pre-authorization releases the hold on funds and will usually disappear within 7 days. 

A charge takes funds from a guest‘s card, and the hotel is credited after approximately 3 business days. If you’ve charged a card, you will need to process a refund which returns funds to the guest’s card, and the property will be debited (within a few days).

Updated Photo APIs

We’ve built strong relationships with our OTA partners, and because of this, we’re always working together to build better connections for better services for our customers. We recently released updates to our Booking.com Photo API and our Expedia Image API connections. 

What’s new?

Instead of sending photos in batches, our new connection sends images individually. 

Why is this important?

This update will ensure photo categorization is carried over at the property and the room level, as well as providing a wider selection of categories than before. These will help to improve your ranking on Booking.com by having a robust listing. This update will also help ensure that removing and replacing images will not produce errors on your Booking.com listing. 

What’s new?

Now, we’ve enabled properties to display photos at the room level on Expedia rather than just in a general property gallery. 

Why is this important?

This update provides significant improvements to a properties’ ‘content score’. This is calculated by Expedia and influences the ranking of properties within search results. And by creating a more attractive listing on Expedia, this will drive inherent conversion improvements. 

Guest Vouchers

What’s new?

Guest Manager makes it easy for you to offer guests a voucher/credit in lieu of a refund if they wish to stay at a later date.

Why is this important?

COVID-19 has caused many bookings to be canceled. Instead of issuing everyone a refund, now you can retain funds by offering a voucher/credit for guests to use towards future bookings, to help mitigate lost revenues.

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