8 Tips For A Successful Go Live

The RezOvation and Webervations platforms will sunset on February 28th.  However, restricted access will still be provided until March 31st for customers who have enrolled in the eviivo upgrade program prior to February 15th. To secure a smooth transition within these timescales it is important that you focus on the more critical functionality first – for example the ability to take bookings online. The addition of special features, extras, packages and promos could possibly wait until a later date.

We have migrated all your rooms. As you set up a fresh configuration in eviivo suite, you may feel that some of the room setups you defined in Rezo/Weber are no longer optimal or relevant. DO NOT DELETE any Rezo-imported rooms, WAIT until the transition is completed. If you delete an imported Rezo room, we will not be able to import any remaining bookings were made against this room during the transition period, as part of the final Go Live booking upload. In the meantime, you can move the room under a different room type, or group it with others in a different way, and even change its name or display order.

The underlying data structure of eviivo suite is not the same as Rezo/Weber.  Therefore when we imported your data, some of the information was imported as a note on either the eviivo booking summary tab, or on the booking guest tab. To find these notes, open the relevant booking in your eviivo diary, and click on the summary tab and then on the guest tab. Rezo data imported as NOTES on the summary tab:

  • Your own Rezo booking notes
  • The notes a guest added to the Rezo booking
  • Custom fields used on the Rezo booking

Rezo data imported as NOTES on the guest tab

  • Your own notes related to the guest
  • Custom Guest fields
  • Guest Interests
  • Guest Occasions


Between November 15th and December 6th 2018, eviivo preloaded

  • All your property data
  • All your guest profiles
  • The last 12 months of historic booking data.

When you first log into eviivo suite, there may be a “gap”, since bookings which have occurred since this initial data load will still be stored in Rezo/Weber.  Do not worry, these will be added automatically just before you Go Live. And after we complete the migration of ALL the Rezo/Weber customers who have chosen to subscribe to eviivo, we will systematically load another years’ worth of historic bookings for everyone. At this point eviivo 24 months’ worth of booking data will be available to you within eviivo suite. We have already downloaded ALL your business data and guest history, it is only your booking history which is limited to 24 months. Therefore, we advise you download historic bookings which are more than 24 months old using the using the Rezo booking download tool.

Historic Rezo and Weber bookings were imported based on the amount charged and paid by the guest, and taxes have been recorded as a single cumulative tax amount rather than an itemized break down.  Itemized tax reports are not available within eviivo suite for imported historic bookings. You must download these tax reports from Rezo, at a minimum from the date of your last tax report, up to the date you go live on eviivo suite.

To understand how eviivo suite deals with taxes, we have prepared a tax configuration guide in eviivo University. If you need to change or modify a booking imported from Rezo or Weber (where the guest had not yet checked out), taxes will be recalculated by eviivo suite automatically using the tax rules you have configured in eviivo suite. However, as older tax entries imported from Rezo may still be applied to the booking, you will need to delete these before the guest checks-out. To delete imported Rezo tax entries from a booking, open the Charges tab on the booking, selected the old imported tax entry, and click on delete.

eviivo does not currently support gift certificates. Please download your gift certificates from Rezo before March 31st. To redeem a gift certificate in eviivo suite, open the boking payment tab. Select “Gift Certificate” as the payment method, enter the relevant reference in the description field, and enter the relevant credit amount.  Any payment made via a gift certificate will be included on Payment reports and the guest bill.

Before your Go Live appointment, please review this checklist and send it to GoLive@eviivo.com When you are ready to go live you need to contact us to make a Go Live appointment. During this one-to-one session, one of our friendly agents will review your configuration, make sure your web button is working, and help you implement any final tweaks. If everything checks-out, our activation agent will:

  • Trigger the upload of any remaining Rezo bookings
  • Request the activation of all relevant channel connections – if you have subscribed to Channel Manager
  • Reconfirm the activation of the relevant bank connection – if you have subscribed to Payment Manager
  • Switch off your Rezo or Weber account
  • Activate eviivo suite

The final activation of eviivo suite happens overnight, and your website should typically be live the next day.   There can be a delay of 1 to 5 working days before a channel connection or the banking connection go live.  This varies depending on the OTA channel selected and your specific circumstances. Before your Go Live appointment, please send your checklist to GoLive@eviivo.com